Monday, March 4, 2019

Miscellaneous Thoughts

EPA - the new administrator, Andrew Wheeler, seems to be a sensible sort. He's not completely getting rid of the agency (bummer), but he is cutting back on the fuzzy regulation that permitted the Left to put in some of their insane rules for the Common Man.

He also touches on the Green New Deal, and points out that, if that plan is put into place, it would endanger the public by, among other things, having our electric grid become unreliable. And, he continues, pointing out the devastating effects this has on the fresh water supply, and other things.
The administrator noted that, since the EPA’s creation, the agency reduced pollution by nearly 75 percent, which he said that many environmentalists often fail to note.
Wheeler concluded, “There are six criteria air pollutants in the Clean Air Act; from the 1970s to today, the six criteria air pollutants have been reduced by 73 percent. Most environmentalists don’t talk about that; I don’t know why they don’t talk about that — our air is 73 percent cleaner compared to the 1970s. We have the safest drinking water of any country in the world, and they don’t talk about that either. It boggles the mind why they don’t acknowledge the good steps that we have taken and continue to take.”
Good summary of the issues.


It's time to get some experience using irony when referring to Leftists and their organizations. They WILL suppress you.

And you thought The Gulag Archipelago was outdated and exaggerated!

I'm hearing a lot of rumbles about the potential for CW 2.0. I honestly don't think it's imminent - too few people have reached that level of preparation or mental readiness for action. At this point, it's more like the atmosphere in selected enclaves in the South - particularly Charlestown, SC, a city that contained more than a few hotheads, fanning the fires.

It may yet come. I just don't see the general population being ready for action - yet. What is missing is the community agreement. Too many people are ranting online, yet have never met in person. And, humans being the species they are, person-to-person contact is necessary to build trust.

Structuring a revolt takes a lot of work, BEFORE the guns commence to firing. You have to have stockpiles of weapons, and people trained to use them. If you want to have a chance of living, you want all of the men involved to be able to handle guns and other weapons safely.

You need to have basically everyone involved with a good understanding of the issues, arguments, and philosophy underlying the rightness of the cause.

You also have to have an agreed-upon command structure, networks for communications (offline or old style often works better - less chance of being tapped into), safe houses, list of non-public allies, etc.

There is a lot to do, and perhaps the most important part is building trust among the rebels.

So, no, if someone tries to ignite the flames anytime soon, I would expect them to fail miserably.


Jonathan H said...

I agree - I hear lots of talk about from people who seem to want it, but so far there are very, very, few actions that would show it is coming.
We have (relatively) few race or politically motivated killings (and all that we do have are from the Left, despite what the media claims). We have very few attacks on the government, even when police officers are included - we had more in the mid-90's than we do now.

So far, the population that prefers the current state of affairs to CW is much, much larger than the tiny population that prefers CW. Once that starts to change, however, life will become VERY different.

I believe we can still avoid it and make change through other means; so do most other people at this point.

Linda Fox said...

As the Jews used to say, from your mouth to God's ears!