Friday, March 1, 2019

Kerch Strait incident.

The Kerch Strait incident staged by the puppet regime in Kiev, sending gunboats into the Kerch Strait without observing the 2003 Protocol requiring them to notify in advance the Port of Kerch (a protocol observed by the dozens of ships that go through the Strait peacefully every day) was clearly part of a NATO plan to set up a major naval clash in the Black Sea.[1]
Keepin’ it real.

The article's main focus, however, is on the Skripal poisoning in the U.K. It's the best intepretation of that odd case which still has the Skripals in British custody incommunicado. The likely reason for the attack on them is a greasy one. The behavior of all official actors is, similarly, greasy.

It's well worth your time to read this analysis.

[1] "Michael Antony: 'The Alternative Skripal Narrative.'" By Michael Antony, South Front, 2/18/19 (emphasis added).

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