Sunday, March 3, 2019

There Are Busy Days...

     ...and there are days the contemplation of which makes me want to pull the covers over my head. Judging from the agenda for it – don’t ask – today will be of the latter sort. So have a few funny images to tide you over until I can once again set fingers to keys:

     Someone got weary of the ubiquity of unnecessary signs:

     The “gender fluid” types recognize no bounds on their lunacy:

     Cops, too, have a sense of humor. Believe me, they need one:

     The late, great R. A. Lafferty had an eye for irony:

     A sermonette on marital failure:

     There are people who’d believe this next one is serious:

     I’d love to meet this guy. Probably a mathematician.

     This one deserves a special award:

     Novelist Daniella Bova provided this one, and all I can say is Too much truth!

     Have a blessed Sunday, and remember: There are only three shopping days left before Ash Wednesday, so get your profligate self-indulgences done quickly!

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