Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How Marxists took over the Netherlands.

This video lays out some chilling stuff. I think Paul Nielsen has stripped off the camouflage that conceals the leftist rot at the heart of the the West.

It’s not just the Netherlands. As you watch this, look at the faces of the young, educated people. You can’t imagine a credible plot for a science fiction movie that would feature such empty heads, such programmed brains, without the literary device of a laser beam tuned to human brain waves or some bat-like parasite that clamps onto the back of some poor person’s neck. But no such logical mechanism can be discerned here.

I don’t want to conclude that white people do not deserve to survive as a separate race with a distinct culture but it’s a tempting though distressing thought. This video shows a society, Dutch in this case, that exhibits close to a complete absence of antibodies that can marshal a defense against social and political filth.

Frans Timmermans appears to be a highly intelligent man yet this link shows him uttering the most absurd nonsense. And it’s possible he could be the next president of the European Commission.

With the mountains of evidence available to Westerners about the suicidal, murderous consequences of our present course, you’d think there would have been a volte face of epic proportions now 20 years in the past but we meekly vote for our betrayers.

Hillary’s defeat was a close thing and the fools on comment sections who say “Don’t vote. It makes no difference.” are dead wrong. Voting by an aware, outraged electorate would be a veritable flash bang grenade in the Thanksgiving turkey. Scumbag politicians who don’t end up hanging from a tree on a hook would fall over themselves to clean out Muslims and other third-world invaders and send them home.

But, no, the feeble, mewling, moronic electorate votes the straight ticket for civilizational and, inevitably, individual death. In the main, we are a cowardly, stupid people determined to be slaves or victims of mere primitives.



Bill Whittle had a fantastic video which I've posted from time to time (sorry, but I will give the link at the end because it is IMHO one of my best - the video is embedded; I hope you notice I'm trying to not abuse posting privileges).

In it he opined that peoples that have a "worry gene" tend to survive hard times because they look for dangers, anticipate, react, plan, etc. But when faced with good times and a lack of real things to worry about, that "worry gene" FINDS things to worry about (it's like the immune system; faced with real infectious agents, it does its job - but in today's near-sterile environment it "invents" things, so we have a proliferation of allergies).

I see that here. Western Civilization has, for so long, been relatively safe that people have had their worry genes FINDING things to worry about. And, as my essay hypothesizes, now faced with ACTUAL threats like the third world invasion, the ability to recognize real threats has atrophied. (A friend of mine thinks this is nature's way of cleaning house; if we don't straighten up soon, it's going to be a global cleaning.)

Linda Fox said...

This is especially disheartening, as these are the people of my heritage. Those who were known as practical, hardheaded Dutch. The last people you might think would succumb.

Seeing this gives me a feeling of even more urgency to work on my Leftism for Beginners book. The task seems overwhelming.

Then, I realize that, for the Marxists, this must have seemed to be a hopeless task - the subversion of nations. And, yet, here they are - seemingly on the cusp of triumph.

I don't think this is going to end as well as they think it will. I certainly hope it won't.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, Nitzaknon. Your linked article is a bit long for me right now but I see your points in it. The German doctor, I think, whose daughter was raped and murdered in Austria is the poster child for stupidity. He had no outrage over it. Quite the contrary. It that direct a loss doesn't wake you TFU, what will? The politician in the video who said the Netherlands doesn't belong to the Dutch is in the same category. Seemindly sane but deranged.

Interesting point about allergies. The hysteria about racism, police violence, Islamophobia is in the same category. Fight or flight being triggered at the perception of fanciful dangers.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Yes, the Dutch seemed like supreme realists. To what extent the Afrikaans were illustrative I'll leave to others to say but they were and are tough and had no illusions about the Bantu.

It's impossible to be sanguine about white prospects. Stuff that I think is like a klaxon in the ear is as nothing to the naifs. What will wake them up? Starbucks franchise closing?

It's not a rational thing. I despair of creating any kind of a ripple anywhere but I can't not try.