Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A terminal loss of legitimacy.

A superb comment:
We don't have to speculate: radical decentralization is already beginning to show a tangible presence wherever you look outside of Wall St, the Beltway and foreign countries and their parallel parasitic institutional rulers.

This is the Arab Spring writ world-wide. There is no "future" where we might decide to rebel. Look around you. It is happening in myriad ways already, it's just that the magnitude of the changes in comparison to the Leviathan State makes it look insignificant...it isn't.

It is a fundamental shift in how the average person around the globe views their government and institutions of so-called" representation." They are being exposed as the camouflaged machinery of a totalitarian class who know no allegiance to morality or real justice, let alone national sovereignty or culture. They are the efficient tools to extract wealth and power over others. But there is push-back such as there has never been since the modern state first began to use these oppressive tactics.

Don't think for one minute those in power can't see what is going on...they can and do. That is why you will see an acceleration of measures that seem outlandish and impossible to implement. They are in the middle of the greatest Hail Mary pass in the annals of government since the Roman Empire and they know it, it's now or never for them. It is not confined to America. Western Europe is sunk deep in it but now you see the Yellow Vests movement beginning to take on a life of its own. See Italy and its populist resistance. In every Western country, people are informally organizing to resist.

There is no alternative. The System will NEVER, EVER change by voting or working within it. They own that process and you can be sure no gains will ever be allowed that are more than window dressing. It will need to be burnt to the ground for any hope of a human-centered model to emerge. There will be those who come after who will try to recreate the same authoritarian, centralized model. They too must be removed, in whatever way they chose to go.

In whatever way you can, RESIST RESIST RESIST.

Comment by Shift For Brains on “US Conservatives Pursue A "Ben Option" Of Global Ramification.” By Alastair Crooke, ZeroHedge, 3/5/19 (emphasis added).

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