Saturday, October 31, 2020

Because Supreme Court justices betrayed their oath of office for 80 years.

Before things get bloody, let there be 50 new presidents after the Fed Gov is terminated. Let different opinions reign in different areas and let people vote with their feet to live in an area that suits them.

What’s going on right now is stupid. Why must there be one jerk in DC known as the president over 300+ million people? Why is there one Congress with 500+ [insufficiently strong expletive] that dictate to 300+ million people? Why are there 9 judges that dictate to 300+ million people? Why can’t we get things more local so we can better influence what’s considered reasonable?

Comment by RoatanBill on "The Disappearing America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not Just Change." By Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review, 10/29/20.


S Richard said...

Johnny Reb said the same thing. Now this gargantuan government is not about to be reigned in. It demands unconditional loyalty and unlimited resources . Lives of future generations are being plundered before they are born (if they are allowed to be born). What if the "Union" split up into manageable entities that weren't
" despotic at home and aggressive abroad". Just askin

Col. B. Bunny said...

Many odd ideas have afflicted Western man but two stand out:

1. the belief that educated and right thinking people can get it all right if known troglodytes and, of course, unnecessary races will just step aside gracefully, and

2. the belief that centralizing political power will inject greater efficiency, maximize the power of compassionate, right-thinking people, and bypass the obtuse obstructionism of primitives at the lower levels.

What the leftists, to a man, will not bring themselves to recognize is that power draws sociopaths, psychopaths, and ardent but empty souls to it. This results in a movie that stupid people did not pay to see.

You're right on the money with the notion of manageable entities. Hans-Hermann Hoppe thinks the optimum size for human communities is about 50,000. We should adopt the approach of the Mormons whose basic building block of church organization is the ward. If it reaches a certain size they add another ward and reassign membership.

But, obviously, we're besotted with massive "communities."