Friday, October 9, 2020

The coming New Zealand Marxist, police state.

The coming New Zealand Marxist, police state.
So all this mass media claptrap lately about how well our friendly, smiling, unmarried Communist NZ Prime Minister P [… is doing…] – while behind the scenes, she and her Marxist/Socialist colleagues are frantically working day and night to destroy marriage, destroy the family, destroy gender, get all the nation’s children out of the control of parents at home and indoctrinate them all to become little socialists in state-funded child care centres, destroy all personal freedoms under state dictatorship, tax and spend like there is no tomorrow to destroy the economy, while working towards the ultimate Marxist goal to abolish the right to own all private property – isn’t it about time we all woke up to who she really is, and called her the wickedly deceptive little Communist Comrade she really is?[1]
H/t for this to a Barbara McKenzie for her article, " How Neo-Marxists Have Hijacked the New Zealand Labour Movement." Sto Vounó, 6/30/20.

I don't know if she's the same Barbara McKenzie quoted in my last post but she equally right on the money.

If you think Genuine Christianity's characterization of Ardern as a communist is inaccurate or that McKenzie is exaggerating that the New Zealand government has "charted a seemingly inexorable course towards the establishment of a police state" read her article and take a look at this video McKenzie provides of a younger Jacinda Ardern giving a speech in 2009 in Hungary to the 2009 International Union of Socialist Youth Festival:

[1] "New Zealand’s Seductive Communist Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern." By Genuine Christianity Now, 9/28/18.

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