Sunday, October 25, 2020

Passion, Rather than Reason

 The incident is NOT an offense; it's clearly within the students' rights to express a political opinion, even if it isn't a popular one.

I realize the students that are speaking FEEL offended; they are passionate in their felt sense of outrage. They talk of how they FEEL, even admit that they really don't know what to say, or how to explain what they FEEL.

They talk about the university as a FAMILY. That relationship is apparently based on their sense that families all agree on issues. Failure to do so is anti-family. Oh, sure, perhaps Uncle Fred differs, but he doesn't talk openly about it. People are told they have to keep quiet (well, unless it's about their sex lives - THOSE, they are encouraged to talk about).

But politics? If you're so 'out-there' as to imagine that you have the RIGHT to be for a candidate that they don't approve of, WELL! Get that thinking out of your head.

Here's the video - note that the main theme was how they FELT.

They don't seem to understand that universities are for THINKING, not FEELING.

The description of the video is that the students chalking the sidewalk committed VANDALISM. That's a strong term for actions that could simply be washed away. I do note that the university has not addressed that the only thing that differed from this chalking and others, is that they didn't ask permission for it. I would love to see the history of those permissions; have they ever been denied a group for political reasons? Have ALL Leftist organizations asked for that permission?

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