Friday, October 9, 2020

Crux Moments

     Many things that were half – or fully – concealed up to recently are now on full and glaring display. That includes the outright totalitarianism of the Democrats in governors’ mansions and the outright murderous violence of the “protesters” in the streets of Democrat-run cities.

     For a time, the totalitarians strove to convince us that their arrogations of powers never delegated was “for your own good.” No longer. Now it’s just “You’ll do as I say and shut up about it.” And for a time, the street “protesters” attempted to persuade the rest of us that they were about “justice.” No longer on that score, either. Now it’s just “We’ll do as we like, since you’re too lily-livered to stop us.”

     There have always been two and only two possible explanations for such in-your-face atrocities. One is the belief on the Left that “our time has come.” And I am morally certain that a goodly number of the Left’s strategists believe that. But the other is the fear that “It’s now or never.” And I am also morally certain that a goodly number of the Left’s strategists believe that.

     There’s a dollop of irony in noting that those two, seemingly polar opposite beliefs could lead to the same behavior. Nevertheless, it is so. In either case – whether you believe that you can’t be stopped or that you have only one chance remaining to prevail – what you do is to bet it all: to push all your chips to the center of the table.

     Crux moments are like that – and ours is most definitely a crux moment. Hearken to long-time political analyst and observer Richard “Wretchard” Fernandez:

     Yes, Wretchard cites “the establishment.” But viewed from the standpoint of their objectives, the Establishment and the Left are indistinguishable. They want to suppress the still-young, still-maturing populist movement that elected Donald Trump. They want total and unquestioned control of all three branches of the federal government. And they want a return to the days when the “official line” went unquestioned by any alternative media or citizen journalists.

     Do the Establishment, as generally conceived, and the Left think of one another as allies? They do not. Were they to achieve their shared objectives, they would immediately go to war against one another. That doesn’t make their commonalities less.

     I’m unsure whether this insight has any strategic or tactical implications for us in the populist Right. It should be pondered. A crux moment is one when “the wheel turns under your hand:” i.e., when one’s decisions and actions will be of far greater moment than usual, owing to the levers and force multipliers currently at work in society. Perhaps some hard thought might elicit useful, even critical directions for the ongoing political combat...whether before or after November 3.


Jess said...

The left is going all in, before any cards are dealt face up.

Paul Bonneau said...

Good analysis. One other factor I would add in, though, is the distinct scent of panic on the left. As in, "Are we (the left) really going to go toe-to-toe against the most heavily-armed population the world has ever seen? If we get it wrong, we are dead."

Linda Fox said...

Keep in mind that women, in particular, if they accept that they've lost, will take an enraged pleasure in destroying the entire world around them. They will be even MORE dangerous after the election.

Doc said...

Linda, I wouldn't dare to say that myself, but perhaps you're right. However, isn't it ironic: if the Left/progressives/statists actually get their way, many women will find themselves unprotected from many strong and unscrupulous men, as they are in various other nations and have been throughout history in those areas where Christian values do/did not hold sway.