Sunday, October 25, 2020

Just a Few Assorted Links

 I'm restless and edgy. I'm generally hopeful about the election, but...

So, if you're feeling the same way, here's an old talk by Victor Davis Hanson, talking about the LAST presidential election. I'd not heard it before, and it did cheer me up quite a bit.

Now, a very hopeful comparison - the amount of money that Trump and Biden have collected.

Trump - $63 million

Biden - $177 million

Biden has grabbed nearly THREE times as much cash as Trump - and, yet, Biden is faltering, and, if the trend continues, may well have an historic loss to Trump.

Trump's numbers are up. He's looking healthy and energetic. He's taking this seriously, hitting the campaign trail, and getting crowds that, for all that people may not want/be permitted to gather together in different states, are impressive.

And, lastly, there is the "shy Trump voter". Those are the people who won't openly declare their choice. It's not a tiny number of voters. I think the Trump support is vastly being undercounted - at my house, we don't get pollsters calling. Like many people, we've cut the landline. So, many of the polls are overcounting the 50+ crowd. Those younger all have cell phones, and are not being asked how they will vote.

What's on the TV is crap (well, the quality, too, but I was referring to the election predictions). The talking heads are all Liberal Arts/Communications majors. They only hang around with other Elites, all of whom agree with their thinking. I'm going to make a cautious prediction, that we'll see another night like this:

Pray. But, also vote.

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