Monday, October 12, 2020

Human Happiness: Its Pursuit And Maximization

     I haven’t watched a lot of non-sports television since Rocky and Bullwinkle ended their run. Thus, I missed several shows that were popular in recent decades, including The Seinfeld Show. I can only remember seeing two episodes of that: one where a Kenny Rogers restaurant opens near Seinfeld’s apartment, and the famous Soup Nazi episode. I rather regret not having seen more of them, as I’m told that the majority of them were quite as funny as the ones I’ve named.

     However, a couple of the show’s gag-motifs have reached me even so. One that’s piqued me is Cosmo Kramer’s decision that the shower is where he’s happiest, and therefore that’s where he should spend the greater part of his life. The logic is compelling, if a bit simplistic. Still the ordinary, non-sitcom character pursuing happiness makes similar decisions, albeit on a smaller scale, every day.

     I’ve been doing an unusual amount of manual labor recently, which has multiplied and amplified my body’s many complaints. They’ve made it hard to do anything without pain, including get a complete night’s sleep. This morning in the shower, with the hot water beating down upon me in a soothing tide, was the first relief I’ve had from those distresses in several days. And so I have come to a conclusion:


     How’s that for a sandwich-board legend?


Linda Fox said...

No one enjoys the everyday luxury of a shower more than I. It's truly one of the wonders of the modern world - hot water, on demand, augmented with fragnant soaps, shampoos, scrubbers, and even pulsating, massaging, and gentle showerheads.

No ancient ruler had it better.

But, come on! The happiest place? The best part of your day?

Some people really don't like other people.

Linda Fox said...


Francis W. Porretto said...

(chuckle) I do teeter on the edge of a sort of "soft misanthropy," Linda, but this piece was more motivated by my (hopefully temporary) physical the realization that still more such labor awaits me in the very near future.

Heavy Sigh. Why didn't I think to beget a couple of strapping sons for situations like this?