Friday, October 23, 2020

Leftists In Media True To Form

     If you’ve viewed any of the Lesley Stahl “interview” of President Trump –I have — you’re already aware of Stahl’s robotic attempt to deflect attention from the well-verified, well-confirmed Hunter Biden laptop containing damning evidence of Biden family corruption, including the former vice president himself. The laptop, she insists, “can’t be verified.” Why not? “Because it can’t be verified.” This doesn’t even rise to the level of circular reasoning. It’s mere repetition – and President Trump wouldn’t allow it.

     But it’s the habit of left-wing partisans who masquerade as “journalists” to do that. Show them clear evidence that global temperatures have no causal relationship to carbon dioxide them that some professor they admire has falsified his case against the right to keep and bear them that majority sentiment was plainly for some Republican initiative or against some Democrat them a case of Democrat corruption that’s as plain as 72-point type and they’ll mechanically chant “No evidence!”

     It’s simply what they do. Journalists, as a trade, aren’t particularly bright, and left-wing “journalists” are substandard even in that company. They aren’t smart enough to have any other tactics at hand. Nor does it ever occur to them that their opponents, alert to the proclivities of left-wing “journalists,” might have something in their back pockets.

     With the Bobulinski disclosures now part of the public record, there can be no further doubt that the emails and text messages on the laptop are both authentic and damning. Of course, only the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and the New York Post are reporting plainly on the Bobulinski evidence. The rest of the media are busy straining to attack Bobulinski’s credibility. That’s what you get from media organs that have been thoroughly colonized and conquered by the Left.

     In a sane society – i.e., one in which “journalists” who are really Democrat activists with bylines aren’t tolerated by the information-consuming public – the blatant corruption revealed by the laptop would be the end of the Biden for President campaign. Which, I suppose, is as much a criticism of our society as it is of the laughable “standards” proclaimed by those who purport to provide us with “the news.”

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Reg T said...

Color me cynical, but what this says about the status of the rule of law in America is more than troublesome, it is almost frightening. If that doesn't turn around soon - which will only be possible if President Trump is re-elected (and both Barr and Durham put to pasture) - we will continue our rapid descent into socialism - Communism's precursor.