Monday, October 19, 2020

Why Now? Why Are the Scandals/LIes Coming to Light Now?

 It's not just accidental. The donors/facilitators/insiders can see the handwriting on the wall.

They know that their unfettered romp through our nation - its culture, its piggy bank, its tightly-enmeshed power circles - is nearly over.

They've been trying to hold back the fall. They've been throwing money and media at Trump and his supporters.

They've tried using their BLM/AntiFa/Feminist Shock Troops to scare the Normals into compliance and silence. They've used street violence, willing allies in the legal/judicial fields, abusive actions to deprive people of a living - either pressuring the corporate offices to fire opponents, or destroying their businesses.

Lately, they've collaborated in locking down the economy; the hardest hit were the independent business owners. The larger corporations got exempted from the rules, or were able to adjust to it by shifting to take-out and online orders.

But, it's over. I'm guessing that the Elite have access to truthful polls that show Biden/Harris haven't a prayer of winning. Worse, they will likely take down a lot of people at the state level, as well.

So, they're not fighting the release of the laptop files. Oh, sure, they're not helping it all get out - they've allowed their media stooges to clamp down on any widespread coverage of the revelations.

But, once the election is over, they'll be able to claim this as "old news", and insist that the problem was limited to Biden and his family. They'll do their best to 'move on' and not peek under the rock of the rest of the Entitled Ones.

In the end, there will be 2 'truths'. One, that correctly understands the extent of the corruption, and assigns the blame to the right people. The other, in which those Awful GOP (trademark pending) have 'ginned up' a minor scandal, involving poor Hunter Biden, who is a helpless VICTIM of addiction, and really deserves to have us all 'move on' from this wallowing in a private matter.

That'll be it, for many - just walk away, and never actually look at the extent of the monster's reach. Oh, perhaps a few people will gracefully retire, with copious praise from their fellow politicians/Deep State.

That'll be it.

The real question is: What do you plan to do WHEN, not IF, that happens?

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