Saturday, October 3, 2020

New Fiction

     I was recently privileged to be the proofreader for a remarkable novel – a tale of love that battles indifference, and heedlessness that love fights valiantly to penetrate, set in a Regency milieu that also features at least two kinds of magic! Georgette Heyer would applaud for the first of Margaret Ball’s novels in this vein (Salt Magic). But Margaret’s new opus goes even beyond the excellences of that previous tale:

     After waiting ten long years for Richart Dalkey to realize she’s no longer the awkward young girl he grew up with, Elspet is thrilled when he finally comes to pay her court . . . until he divulges the true reason for his visit. His proposition? A sham engagement to discourage debutante Dorothea Turvoll, who’s infatuated with Richart and whom his mother wants him to marry. Elspet convinces him to pretend he’s desperately in love with her and actually court her instead, certain that with time—and a little bit of magic—he’ll see they’re meant to be together.

     But another woman in Din Eidyn has her sights set on Richert, as well as some dark magic of her own, and she’ll stop at nothing to win the one man who can give her the social standing she desperately desires. Before long, the charade gets out of hand, and as scandal engulfs the ton, Elspet must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice for the love she’s always wanted.

     Only $4.99 at Amazon!

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