Friday, October 2, 2020

This is Chilling

Kamala is throwing down - the riots will continue (yes, I do realize that she - and Colbert, who set up the opportunity for her to deliver her message, framed it as 'protests' - but, those have been followed, with very few exceptions, by riots).

I just spent some time discussing the recent debate with someone who talked about how Trump interrupted Biden. When I pointed out that Biden started it, he said 'no'.

I posted the link to the transcript; he replied that it wasn't a TRUE and full transcript (several sites had the exact same content). He told me that the video showed otherwise.

I doggedly went to YouTube, watched the first 10 minutes of it, and went back to Facebook to report that, no, the video showed that what I was saying was true - just after the 7 minute mark, Biden interrupted Trump for the first time, then again, less than a minute later.

He immediately jumped to: Trump was wrong about the virus and has it now, so that proves he's wrong.

I dragged the discussion back to the video, and he said, 'no, I watched it again, and Trump started first'.

He's a decent man; he is faithful, sober, and unfailing supportive of his family. But, he, like so many, is blind to reality.

There is NO WAY someone could watch that video, and not see the truth, is there? I feel as though he is under some sort of mind control that allows him to 'see' what he wants to see.

Kamala may be right. We are already in a fight to the death. It makes me sick to think about the people who will join the wrong side (as in the first Civil War, in the belief that their side is the moral side).

We're no, despite the expressed fears of the Left, the ones that are going to deliver the first shot. We hold most of the guns, but we are not eager to use them. It's the Left that is eager for the fight.

If it comes, it comes. But, THIS TIME, we will not let those who pushed for it off the hook after they lose. They need to go. Permanently. Either leave, and not come back, or we'll make sure you don't do it again.


John Henry Eden said...

"We" may hold most of the guns but lack the will to use them. Even when our backs will be pushed against the wall. Unfortunately, it's all false bravado and whistling past the graveyard. Wait and see.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Fascinating post, Linda. I think the left is "eager for the fight" only because they know they have cowardly, complicit, or leftist government officials behind them. It's easy to wear the mask and carry the baseball bat if you know government has got your back. I predict declining enthusiasm at the point that resistance appears.

Mr. Eden, think we will sue our weapons when our backs are to the wall. Just now the rootless, deluded young and bottom feeders have less to lose than us bourgeois beard strokers. The days approach, however, when our enervating prosperity will be withdrawn from those with the most stake in the status quo. If you're pushing wheel barrows of cash to the grocery store it might occur to the person doing that that "in for a penny, in for a pound" pretty much captures his mood. It's a rare person who has six months of cash and provisions on hand. Then add in foreclosure on the homestead. At that point I doubt I'd tolerate various snot-nosed kids or professors of wokeness and their fingers in my face.

FredLewers said...

It's coming. It's going to be a long bitter struggle with people betraying their siblings, children & parents. It will get to the point that a husband will only tell his wife "I'm going out. I'll be back later" to protect his teammates if/when his wife is arrested in the middle of the night.
Some overzealous fool will torture/kill the wrong person and then it will devolve into a bitter, escalating vendetta and it wont stop until the only survivors were unborn when it started.
It's going to be hideous...

Ed Bonderenka said...

The "protests" should subside soon.
The rioters have to start spending their evenings grading papers and homework.

evanfardreamer said...

Back when Scott Adams was regularly blogging, he had some great posts on cognitive dissonance and framing. Likely your friend honestly did see something different than you when they watched.

The question becomes, how do we share a nation when one third of it sees a completely different reality from another third? Or can we?