Monday, October 12, 2020

PLEASE Donate - It's Not About the Individual, It's About Control of the Senate

Lindsey Graham's challenger is being backed by HUGE amounts of money - MOST of it outside of SC.

He has been airbrushed as a bland, not-Radical, no-scandal, alternative. And, a humble, God-fearing guy in a stable marriage, with kids. And, just wanting to 'help' people through public service.

My radar went off the second he hit the scene. Like it did with Obama.

The thing is, Jaime Harrison is being presented as a Perfect Candidate - one that Everyone can get behind. Just a Normal, Regular guy, you might have as a best friend.

Kind of like Obama was said to be. And, we all know how that turned out.

Harrison, like Obama, is a Manchurian Candidate. Looks good on the surface, but is deeply Radical at the heart. Controlled by his real handlers, who are the money men backing him.

More importantly, if Harrison is elected, that may be the tipping vote that loses us the Senate. We cannot afford that.

Please donate to Graham's campaign. I know I've had my disagreements in the past - he is one of my Senators - but he has been a critical vote when needed by Trump.

The price of failure could be fatal.

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Master Guns said...

One more reason to repeal the 17th amendment to the constitution!