Friday, October 23, 2020

Four years distilled.

Russia is not interfering in the election, it is the big tech Internet companies and mainstream media that are attempting to steal the election for their candidate, Beijing Joe. . . .

* * * *

DOJ Attorney General William Barr, John Durham, Christopher Wray (FBI), and Gina Haspel (CIA) are the gatekeepers of the deep state Washington swamp. They have slow-walked, and deliberately impeded the investigations into Democrat political malfeasance that would have exonerated President Trump; proved the truthfulness of his claims; and exposed the illegal and deeply troubling dirty tricks being used to overthrow him.[1]

It's absurd that we tolerate the pond scum running and owning the tech giants. Who are these arrogant twinks, faculty-lounge fairies, and scraggle beards who presume to act as watchman at the gate and suffocate opinion on a whim? Who knew that a few hundred true-thinking, righteous people would become the gatekeepers of acceptable opinion in the blink of an eye, something the government itself had failed to achieve in 231 years?

And, yes, Barr and Durham are slow-walking the pursuit of reckoning for assorted toads and sellouts that have run our country in recent years. Vicious and instant persecution for the Manaforts, Flynns, and Assanges. Sure. But molasses in winter when it comes to manifest, sustained subversion and nation-wide leftist street violence.

[1] "Remembering Martha Mitchell." By Linda Goudsmit, New Zeal, 10/21/20.

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Reg T said...

Yes, the dichotomy between how Trump's people on the Right, and all of those on the Left have been treated is such a travesty that it makes me want to raise and fly the Jolly Roger. If the Left is allowed to negate what would otherwise be a landslide victory for Trump and our national sanity, or explodes into nationwide violence after he did win, it may well be time to take action. That will be difficult for so many of us who believe in law and order, but I truly think the survival of our country would be at stake. As a former peacekeeper, taking up arms would be a hard choice to make, but I really believe there may be an "ethnic cleansing" of conservatives - certainly those of us who support our President - if we don't take a stand under those conditions.