Monday, October 26, 2020

THIS is What Grassroots Looks Like!

 From the Last Refuge.

Americans are great at improv. Not the comedy stuff, just regular life. If government makes it hard to do something, we figure out a work-around.

Don't like a Tea Tax? Dump a shipload, and boycott the product.

Don't like an Edict from On High? Ignore it, Defy it, Work out a way to handle your business without buckling under.

Graphic stolen from Victory Girls

Someone tells you what you SHOULD do, because they are the Expert/Ruler/Elite?

It's hard to explain to Americans just how ODD this seems to foreigners. They hear a command from officials, and they obey. Oh, they might grumble a bit, but they comply.

I credit/blame the 2nd Amendment. It's the one thing that differentiates us from most of the rest of the world. It gives us the strength to resist, knowing that the only way they can force our compliance is against armed resistance.

A few other countries haven't had issues with oppressive government overreach - Switzerland is one - and, it's no coincidence that the Swiss have a gun-owning heritage, as well as universal militia participation.

Doesn't work on social media, either.

I'm feeling optimistic today (it's early, and I'm a morning person). I'm feeling like we really could win this thing - BIGLY.

One BIG win, last Thursday, was an unforced error by Biden - he challenged Trump to put a video of him supporting fracking on his website.

Trump said, sure - and it was up, within minutes.

Can't you just see those Biden handlers? "You had just ONE job, Joe! You had just ONE job! Say as little as possible, and don't give Trump an opportunity to prove you a liar!"

And, Biden blew it. Bigly. There really is no coming back after that. And, I've noticed that the rabid Anti-Trump Trolls are largely GONE from social media.

UPDATE: The World has come to an end - I'm not kidding, it's OVER!

CNN has agreed with Trum/p. They've said he was correct about Biden and Fracking.


RJL said...

I'm feeling great. This is going to be a HUGE LANDSLIDE for Trump. Go look at "Pollwatch2020" on Twitter, and you'll see the rising tsunami wave that has all the polls turning in Trump's favor. Rasmussen even has him now leading nationally!! I think the Pollsters see the handwriting on the wall and are rapidly adjusting their polls to reality so they don't look so wrong when it's over.

evilfranklin said...

The great majority of the pollsters are against anything DJT. They would rather be the fools that are wrong than admit that DJT will win.