Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Closer a Democrat is to a Republican,

 in terms of political beliefs, the MORE he views Republicans negatively.

At least, that's what this seems to imply. If true, that explains a lot about the exaggerated display of disgust that some Democrats are displaying. After all, if their opinions aren't actually that different, they have to show open dislike, lest someone accuse them of being part of a group that is roundly hated in Leftist circles.

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Reg T said...


Is it the more he "views" [him] negatively, or the more he _treats_ him negatively, perhaps _speaks_ of him negatively, rather than expose their similarities? Not trying to split hairs here, but it seems you are describing conscious behavior on the Democrat's part, to protect himself, which might imply he actually views him _less_ than negatively but dare not seem to do so.