Saturday, October 3, 2020

One order of "completely out of patience" coming up.

The USA refuses to confront a naked reality obvious for decades; that the 13% African population is profoundly and permanently racist and after 60 years of Affirmative-Action and $ Trillions in race-based giveaways, now demands literally at gunpoint complete political hegemony over US Law, Law enforcement and what children are taught in schools. That is the entire thrust of the BLM, 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory.

Whites have given ground for 60 years and all Blacks have done is say 'not enough'.

Well it IS enough. And the red line is right here, right now.

Comment of greatdisconformity on "Jim Quinn: The Only Thing 'Systematic' Is The Destruction Of America." By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 9/29/20.


SSG Mac said...

I agree completely. "But what about the good, moral, responsible People-of-Color?!?" They don't want the hand-outs. So all you Hippies-come-Communists go stuff it.

Paul Bonneau said...

"Whites have given ground for 60 years and all Blacks have done is say 'not enough'."

You are speaking as if whites generously conveyed some benefit on blacks. No. Instead, some (mostly white) people in positions of power, stole money mostly from other whites; and after deducting a generous share for expenses, dumped the remaining loot on a black population for the specific purpose of creating from them a permanent dependent underclass, and for division between races ("divide and conquer"). It was not a benefit, and it was not a gift.

Col. B. Bunny said...

SSG Mac, they're there but apart from outliers like Candace Owens, Larry Elder, LTC West and a few others they are invisible. The poll numbers show that the black vote goes overwhelmingly, reliably, and inevitably to the Maxines, the Nancys. the Dianes, the Staceys, and the like. Black political culture is black underclass culture.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Bonneau, whatever the malevolence of our political elite the fact of the matter is that enormous financial benefits and legal privileges were provided to the black population. If blacks agreed with you, that "people in positions of power" were motivated by malevolence rather than benevolence, they could have worked to keep the degradation and decay out of their own culture. But they didn't and they certainly do not lack for black commentary that celebrates the evil white man and points out every hiccup and wrinkle of white perfidy. Heck, regiments of conservative white commentators have laid out the pernicious effect of welfare and blame shifting from the git. So it's not for lack of information as to their true condition.

As the quoted passage makes clear blacks revel in the scam and not only celebrate their present load of swag but demand more and political control as well. "Don't think white" is the Prime Directive for them. The racism of blacks has been particularly brought to the fore in recent events, not that there aren't hundreds of photos from earlier times of blacks with t-shirts declaring "kill whites" or of them grinding their shoes into the American flag.

Muhammad Ali famously said after experiencing Africa, "Thank God my ancestors got on that boat." That's as far as it went with him so far as trying to jack up his brethren was concerned. If anything, whether or not they had any inkling or these evil power holders and their machinations, they have remained totally dedicated to the proposition that someone else (guess who) is the author of their difficulties and "someone else" had better damn keep paying through the nose. It's as though blacks are the first in all of human history to run into the vicissitudes of life. It's so unfair.

So it was indeed a benefit and a gift because blacks have embraced that with a vengeance. To the tune of many trillions, let it be said. They LOVE their privileged position and are content to chivvy for yet more loot. And more milking of YT. Unfortunately, Trump is all too willing to oblige with his recent groveling.