Thursday, October 15, 2020

Something to Cheer You Up!

 I was reading Don Surber (If you don't - start. He's a former Cleveland newsman, since moved to sunnier places.) I was also reading his comments - like many Conservatives, his readers are thoughtful and add much to the discussion.)

One commenter - DanJ1 - pointed out something I hadn't thought of:

Young voters will stay home. They are disenfranchised by being forced to choose between two bad candidates that they hate. Also, Covid scares on campuses is making it nearly impossible for the Dems to register students there.

Think of where the Left has made great headway over the last few Presidential cycles - grabbing the Freshmen, and registering them to vote. Not only do they get them to pull the lever for any Leftist the crowd can bully them into supporting, but they get a precious bonus:

They now have information - enough information to enable them to commit voter fraud in their hometown, as well (should the young person indicate a plan to vote Not-Left. Is there anyone who doubts they won't pass on that information to the local vote-fixers?

But, now, COVID has put a crimp in those plans. The would-be voters are home. They will control their own vote, and, they are surrounded by family, who will have more influence. 

Think of where Dems got other votes - brought in by their work bosses, and ordered to vote for the correct candidate. Being brought in by union bosses, on a break from work, and told to vote as they were told.

I'm not saying "Don't believe the polls, and skip voting". I'm saying work like hell to GOTV, but have some trust that the lackluster Biden support is a true indicator. From what I'm hearing, the Dems don't have a ground game.

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