Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Trans-Racial Adoptions: Some Questions

     There’s been some noise made – starting with a racialist Negro asshole who somehow got himself a teaching job at a prestigious university – about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s adoption of two Haitian children. Here’s the tweet that kicked it off:

     The notion that the exemplary, highly intelligent, highly Catholic Judge Barrett had some sort of evil motive for those adoptions is about as ludicrous as the suggestion that vote-rigging by aliens from Pluto decided the 2016 Presidential election. But the attempt by this venom-filled, trash-mouthed Kendi nonentity to stir up controversy over the adoptions, by white parents, of two black Haitian children who badly needed new homes and a new family, has me thinking along lines I’m sure the cornrowed poseur would not want investigated:

Why don’t we hear about
Black families who adopt white orphans?
Would that be “colonization?”

     There’s also this to be explored

Are there statistical differences between
Black children raised by black parents
And black children raised by whites?

     Has anyone looked into the differences:

  • Between their academic attainments while in school;
  • Between their propensity to criminal involvements;
  • Or between their levels of success in their careers and family lives?

     Such studies would undoubtedly be fiercely opposed by racial axe-grinders of every stripe. Yet they might tell us things we need to know. For example, if black kids’ lesser levels of scholastic attainment are due to culture and upbringing, rather than to innate limitations, that would show in the statistics. If the differences between white and black rates of criminality are due to culture and upbringing, rather than to innate inclinations toward aggression and rule-breaking, that would show in the statistics. Surely this would be information of great value...but we never hear about any attempt to amass it.

     Admittedly, few black families adopt white orphans...something else that might deserve a deeper look. The rarity of such adoptions would complicate an attempt to amass comparable statistics. But that might not be the only factor in the mix. There’s also black racism toward whites – the only variety of racism that gets a de facto pass from the media – to be considered. Would it necessarily be absent from a black parents / white adoptees setting?

     Just a little late afternoon pot-stirring by your humble Curmudgeon Emeritus.


S Richard said...

Do es anyone know about Jim Limber Davis. He was a black child that was being raised by the Jefferson Davis Family. In the Old South that was common. When President Davis was captured in Georgia , Jim was taken away by the Union soldiers and never seen again.
The Davis's tried to find him but never could.

ontoiran said...

you would have to be a special kind of sick to adopt a child you hate.