Wednesday, October 7, 2020

My God, the Left is Really Reaching!

They're like that cheesy entertainer, who rocketed to fame on the basis of ONE performance - a song, a shining moment in a film, a look - but has nothing of substance behind it. They milked their infamous 15 minutes of fame for all that it was worth - and MUCH more. They're hanging around backstage, getting in the way of performers who people actually WANT to see, trying to re-capture that long-gone moment. For many on the Left, the 1960s were IT.
  • The magical and righteous Civil Rights Era - marching, kneeling in the face of police oppressive behavior, passively enduring the beat-down administered by nightsticks - oh, how they thrill to the theater of it, and try to bring it about with their Cargo-Cult style posing.
  • The Youth! The Fervor! The Passion (both on the streets, and in the bedroom)! If only they can gather a group of people, surely they can resurrect (or is that resu-ERECT?) that excitement! True, these guys in the movement today are fatter, less involved, and - to be fair - just not as bright as their predecessors, but never mind - the media will apply their filters, and it will look Just Like that Wonderful March on Washington, when the World Listened to Them!
  • The Power - the Old Guy Establishment listened to them about tactics, strategy, and vision. They brought those Old Guys to their knees! They marched in the streets of Chicago, and Won! (Sort of - that was the election that brought the Establishment Candidate - Hubert Horatio Humphrey - to a deflating defeat at the hands of the polished campaigner, Richard Nixon - the Normal Alternative of his time).
  • But, but, but...Watergate! Brought Down Presidency! Resignation! Followed by President Ford, a mainstream Republican, if ever there was one. Followed by Carter - the less said of him, the better. NOT a revolutionary. And, there was the President that followed Carter...What was his name?
The Sixties led to a breakdown of the cities, the family structure, and a general downward trend in the fortunes of the average person. Not Nirvana. Not Revolution. Not Peace on Earth.

And, now, they are pulling out all the stops:
  1. OMZ, the President is not wearing a mask! He is LITERALLY killing us!!!!!!
  2. OMZ, the President has been identified by some very shady characters as a Russian agent.
    1. Oh. No proof. What proof there is seems to back up Trump's position. 
    2. Oh. Biden is intertwined with ACTUAL shady dealings with ACTUAL Russians.
    3. Oh. Hillary seems to be the source of the Russian story.
    4. Never mind.
  3. But. A LOT of women accuse Trump, and any Supreme Court candidate, of rape.
    1. No ACTUAL evidence. The people involved in the accusations are found to have lied in other things, putting their stories in question.
      1. STILL rape.
    2. Biden is accused, with contemporary evidence, of ACTUAL rape.
      1. It didn't happen, and, anyway, it's not rape-rape.
  4. But, Trump is making HUGE amounts of money off his Presidency.
    1. He may have actually LOST money.
      1. Look harder for evidence.
        1. Still no evidence.
          1. STILL accused.
    2. Biden's whole family is making HUGE amounts of money. Hunter is particularly accused, WITH financial records to prove the accusations true.
      1. How DARE you accuse my son! A HERO - a DEAD HERO!
        1. We said Hunter, not Beau.
      2. How DARE you tarnish the memory of my DEAD HERO son!!!
And, now, in NC, Cal Cunningham - already admitting to having "engaged in an inappropriate" relationship with a woman (dirty texts), is ALSO accused by another woman, a former lover, of:
  • Having sex in his own house while his family was gone
  • Being dumb enough to dump her - in the middle of a campaign - for another woman. Like that won't trigger the I'll-Get-You-You-SOB female revenge mechanism!
  • Apparently, at last report, of having naked pictures on the loose (kind of like his Willy).
Can't wait for the next news segments today.

But: Black Lives Matter! Trump didn't denounce the White Supremacists USING that term! He didn't do so TODAY! In the last hour! And, he's STILL not wearing his mask everywhere - including the shower and in his own bed.

And: We're pretending that we're glad he's APPARENTLY better, but - are we SURE that he isn't faking about being better? Or, maybe he was faking being sick? He must be faking SOMETHING!

And: Russia. Russia. Russia.

We (the media and the Left - but, I repeat myself) don't see ANYTHING wrong with them. 

Nope, can't see the forced labor camps. 
Nope, can't see the aggressive moves in the South China Sea. 
Nope, can't see any problem with Hong Kong. 
Nope, no problem with their transparency on COVID. 
Nope, no problem with clashes on the China-India border.
Nope, nothing to report about Chinese spies in the USA.
Nope, no problem with the number of medications that are sourced in China.
Nope. No problem with COVID cures - VERY expensive ones - that come from China.
Nope. No problem with 5G networks that use Chinese technology and components.


But, RUSSIA!!!!!


Seething said...

I too would like to regard today's leftists as delusional, petulant children whose rantings are full of sound and fury signifying nothing. I also get that mockery is one of the best weapons we have against them. And yes, their arguments and distractions seem, to us, the products of a lobotomized mental patient. YET THEY HAVE WORKED! We wouldn't be facing this dire situation if crazy leftists hadn't co-opted or undermined every single institution that once made this country strong - family, churches, schools, military - even the Boy and Girl Scouts and 4-H. We have nearly lost the war, even as we look incredulously at each other and say "How could anyone with a brain fall for that?" And now, when we voice that kind of question in a public forum (social media), we are de-platformed and canceled. Pointing out the left's hypocrisy long ago stopped leaving a mark on them - now, like Cal Cunningham, the left just says "So what? We may hold you to that standard, but it's not our standard. Toss off." As FWP has intimated, they time for more direct confrontation of these enemies is nigh.

Jess said...

I've been watching the leftists. Other than the hired thugs, the rest are pretty much pajama boys and nervous Nellies. Regardless of the election results, they'll all find their petty complaining has severe consequences.

Andy Texan said...

I for one do not consider them to be legitimate no matter if half the voting morons say otherwise. We need to tell the President that he shall remain President no matter the result. We will fight rather than see the illegitimi take the reins. Drop the hammer and arrest the bastards either before or after the voting. Preferably before.