Sunday, October 4, 2020

BLM/AntiFa - When Negotiations Are Futile

Many people on the Left, say they want to 'come to the table with the BLM/AntiFa, and make peace, no matter what the cost - in power shifts, in enforced cultural changes, in educational indoctrination (both children and adults), in race/other quotas in government and business, in differential justice outcomes for favored individuals, and in a complete upheaval of the rules by which we live.

Their position? Without MAJOR concessions, the 'peaceful protests' (posturing in the streets for maximum visibility, followed by targeted destruction and refusal to allow civil authorities to stop the violence) will continue.

Failure to allow them freedom to rampage through cities is violence.

Some argue that the government should negotiate with the leadership, and come to agreements that allow cities to function.

Others want the lawbreakers to be put into jail, preferably for long enough to take the fight out of them/allow some time for them to begin the process accepting their own responsibility for their predicament. Preferably, the leadership will also face criminal charges under conspiracy laws.

But, negotiation?

There are times when negotiation is a waste of time:

  • When you have a toddler in a meltdown. The only solution is to remove them from the situation, put them in a separate place, and let them cry themselves to sleep. When they wake is the time for rationality.
  • When one person in the dispute is violent and dangerous. Take what action is needed to neutralize their potential for violent action, and, again, use isolation and time-out to allow the more rational part of the brain to come to the surface. It doesn't matter whether the violence is emotion-driven, or drug-assisted - the solution is the same.
  • When other circumstances pose a bigger threat. Weather disaster, war, insurrection, pestilence - all take precedence over making sure the individual's concerns are addressed.
  • And, lastly, when the dispute is with someone whose goal is not to come to a peaceful solution, but TO MAKE THEIR OPPONENT SUFFER - MAYBE, IF THEY'RE LUCKY, DIE.
That last is often seen in domestic disputes. No concessions will satisfy an angry spouse whose preferred outcome is that:
  • You are impoverished - it will not be enough to have financial support - the other spouse must be left with as little as possible, preferably reduced to begging for spare change on the street. For this reason, many divorcing spouses go on financial wrecking frenzies - hitting the credit card limit, making foolish purchases, selling a car for almost nothing (just to keep the other from benefiting), and even physically destroying assets. If you haven't seen this in action, watch Waiting to Exhale for a fine example of Total Destruction (which all the 'ladies' applauded).
  • You have no access to friends/family - they will spread lies about you, hoping to poison the emotional connections that might sustain you. They will force others to take sides, using any means to do so - blackmailing parents by limiting access to grandchildren, bringing children into the dispute and forcing them to disavow/accuse the other parent, and using the courts to assist their evil aim.
  • You have no means of support. It might seem that this would be counter-productive, and it would be - IF the aim was to maintain, as best they can, their own financial situation. But the REAL aim is to keep you from being self-sufficient, or allowing you to keep some shred of dignity. To that aim, they will attack any supporters you might have in the workplace, and keep them from siding with you. If they can make you unemployable, all the better.
  • The ultimate aim is to grievously wound you - not only will you be in danger of death, but it should be a lingering and extremely painful death. Your suffering will not touch their heart; it will give them great pleasure.
As with spouses, so, too, it is with the Left. We have failed to 'love' them. We do not think they are wonderful. We oppose their aims and actions.

Obviously, we deserve what happens to us.

But, I'm OK with this - I mean it. If this has to happen, well, then, now is a good time for it to start. Now is better than 2-3 generations later, after all opposition has been crushed, and our children/grandchildren are unprepared for combat. At least now, we still have some people who have been tested through combat, who still retain homesteading and prep skills, and who have not surrendered to Woke demands.

If not now, when?

Today is a good day to die.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

The Marxist organizations are classic shape-shifter structures designed to minimize accountability, fire-wall against getting "rolled up" and to maximize deniability.

How do you negotiate with an organization that denies it is an organization? One "leader" pops up. Negotiate with him/her in good faith. The Marxists accept the concessions but then another "leader" pops up.

They are an "idea" when it is to their advantage and an "organization" when advantageous.

The other issue with the "cell" structure of the Marxists is that the deal you negotiate in Portland is not accepted in Seattle and other places. It isn't like a pattern contract where the contract you negotiate with one union local is accepted by the other locals with very minor changes to account for local issues.

Francis W. Porretto said...

The leftists have adopted the methods of terrorists. That makes them terrorists, and no one should ever negotiate with a terrorist. We must beat them into the earth until they cry for mercy...and we should show them no mercy.

Jess said...

I don't see any difference between the drug cartels, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Negotiating with any always ends with acceptance of their terrorism, and allowing their criminal behavior. A healthy society won't tolerate such organizations and destroys them to protect the liberty of honest citizens.


When someone's demands of you exceed what you are willing to give, there can be no compromise.

Same for Israel vs. the Fakestinians. I love this cartoon from a few years ago.