Saturday, August 29, 2020

A Word Of Advice

     If you happen to have a five-month-old Newfoundland Puppy:

     ...and you also have a Hot Tub: not attempt to enjoy the two simultaneously! A five-month-old Newfoundland Puppy can extract approximately twice her body weight in water from your Hot Tub, while simultaneously leaving enough hair in what water remains to clog all its filters and necessitate a complete change thereof.

     This has been a Public Service Announcement from your friendly Curmudgeon Emeritus.

1 comment:

HoundOfDoom said...

LOL Pay to play, baby. Hey, at least you got some copy out of it. Try this with a German Shepherd Dog and a swimming pool. All I can say to that is that we kept a stack of towels at the back door, ant the first floor of the house was thankfully all tile.

Glad to see you are enjoying your pup. She looks glorious.