Thursday, August 27, 2020

Your Last Wake-Up Call, America

     Yes, yes, I know it’s early in the morning. I know that if you’re up at this hour, you’re scurrying around, getting ready to head to work. Still, have a little video:

     That’s from Kenosha, Wisconsin. The young man who defended himself, Kyle Rittenhouse, has already been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Apparently that’s the penalty for defending your own life against a rampaging mob. Oh, and for lagniappe, have a little commentary – very little; it’s a “tweet” – from a lawyer:

     “Threatens” the rule of law? THREATENS?

     The rule of law died when prosecutors, mayors, and governors started siding with the rioters and against peaceable citizens going about their lawful business.

     Quoth Mike Hendrix:

     With the rioters enjoying the full endorsement and support of Democrat-Socialist officialdom nationwide, and the police kept on a tight leash by those same criminal authorities, ordinary citizens have stepped up to do what they must....

     We are at war, with a violent Left-wing revolutionary enemy actively seeking to overthrow and destroy this nation. We sat idly back as they assaulted, beat, stabbed, shot, and ran over numerous innocent people with impunity, going at least as far back as the shooting of Steve Scalise and others by a deranged Bernie Sanders employee.

     Quite simply, the ordinary rules and standards no longer apply.

     Indeed. It cannot be put any more clearly than that. If you don’t get it even now – if you think, for whatever reason, that it could never encroach upon you and yours – you’re living in a dream.

     The hell with the useless facial diapers, Gentle Reader. They’re about as relevant to your “protection” as a screen door in a submarine. Go armed at all times. And – need I say it? – be ready to use your weapons, whatever they may be. (When I leave my home, this is my preference; its conspicuousness speaks for itself.)

     There is no law any longer in Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, and several other places; there is only power. Unless it’s opposed – not merely in word, but in forethought, preparation, and deed – from this moment forward, it will reach every smallest corner of these United States. If we want the law back, We the People must assert it and stand ready to defend it. In all candor, that responsibility has never belonged to anyone else.

     UPDATE: This incident originally got past me. However, it's a perfect illustration of what Americans who want their country as it was must do if we're to get it back. Any readers with other illustrative events at hand: please send them to me, and I'll append them here.

     FURTHER UPDATE: Courtesy of our favorite Bookworm:

     Any Questions??


IamDevo said...

I live near Schellsburg. Our area is firmly, if not universally in support of President Trump. Regrettably, our governor (spits on ground) sent the State Police to arrest the guy who inadvisably fired off a couple shots in the parking lot of the motel where these BLM scum were staying. However, it is safe to say that I anticipate little, if any trouble from outside agitators henceforth, inasmuch as all my neighbors are armed and prepared to defend their homes and families against any and all attempts at predation.

MSG Grumpy said...

Yes, you have noticed our collective problem.
I hope and pray ALL Americans have noticed our problem.
If there are any who still doubt the nature and severity of our current problem...Listen to this 911 call and imagine your wife/daughter/family in this situation:

Our political Royalty has decided to support, defend and encourage the Riot, Loot, and Burn Parties. ANYONE who is seen by our Masters daring to oppose their Terrorist will be prosecuted.

HOT TAR, Feathers, Abusive public servant (Some assembly required)
Rope, Tree, Treasonous political Royalty (Some assembly Required...NOW)
Terrorist Mob, Lead at 2400 ft per sec (Meeting arranged in a neighborhood near you soon).

MSG Grumpy

MarcusZ1967 said...

A good timeline.

Oldfart said...

As John Ross, in his excellent book, "Unintended Consequences," pointed out so succinctly, "after the first one, the
rest are free."
It's a point readers - gentle or not - should remember if they are thrown into a target-rich confrontation.