Saturday, August 15, 2020

Fighting Back Against the Left

 It can be done - but, it will likely be costly.

Read the story of how Poland, assisted by volunteers from many nations, drove back the Russian attackers and forced a peace.

Guys, this is not gonna be a quick rout. Oh, sure, they may collapse quickly in the aftermath of a Trump victory (optimistically assuming it). But, the people behind the "mass movement" - those who pull the strings - need to be identified, removed, and de-fanged.

George Soros is not the kingpin - he is merely the willing banker. By sowing chaos, he has, and hopes to continue, profiting from the wild swings of the stock market, destabilized currencies, and other money-making opportunities. The Left has been perfectly willing to let him do this, as the incentive keeps him supporting their takeover of America.

It's the United States that stands in the way of their complete control of the world. We, alone, have resisted the lure of their "ideal world". The Normals and Deplorables that make up most of America are stubbornly resistant to the would-be Elites telling them what to do, buy, eat, and speak. They want their OWN homes, and separate ones, at that. They want to send their kids to schools that will properly prepare them for real life, not that Unicorn-Filled World that the Leftists want to pretend can be theirs, just for the capitulation.

They stubbornly resist sharing the wealth they have given up large parts of their lives for. They have confidence in their ability to manage those lives, without advice from Cat-Ladies and Man-Bun Boys. And, Glittery Twinks and Karens - lots of Karens.

IF men wanted know-it-all women who despise men to tell them how they would be permitted to live, the guys wouldn't have divorced their first wife. Very young men will ignore the hectoring and whining, for the chance to have hot sex. It's only later, when the frequency and quality of that sex has dwindled, that they realize that the woman is a real PITA (Pain in the A$$).

Do you know why divorce is so expensive?

Because, sometimes, it's really worth it. (saying of John Wilder, creator of Wilder, Wealthy and Wise.


doubletrouble said...

I’ve had the ‘cui bono’ discussion with a few normal people, but they always hit the wall when human, earthly gains can be discounted.
There is only one entity who profits from the chaos within humanity, specifically in the USA. Soros, et al, is not the kingpin- he’s merely a willing accomplice to the prince of this world.
And there is only one way to defeat him.

S Richard said...

Sounds like Johnny and Joanie Reb to me. Just sayin.