Monday, August 3, 2020

Pearls of expression.

In response to a Newsweek tweet that "Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein's island with 2 'young girls,' Virginia Guiffre says": "
This is Newsweek not Infowars (although Infowars had story first) An ex president visiting the private island of a known pedophile who was running a human trafficking operation with the daughter of a spy. Just think about that the next time you ridicule conspiracy theorists.[1]
[1] Tom Dillon quoted in "When Corporate Power Is Your Real Government, Corporate Media Is State Media." By Caitlin Johnstone, ZeroHedge, 7/31/20.


Linda Fox said...

A-N-D what do you want to bet on the # of people who will not be able to identify Epstein or Maxwell, and their connection to Clinton, who will, nonetheless vote in November?

Among Dem voters, I'm guessing 90+ percent.

Good to see you active again on the Torch again, Col.

Andy Texan said...

The Truth quotient on Infowars is infinitely greater than the entirety of the left wing corporate media.

Col. B. Bunny said...

We all loved the scene in "Young Frankenstein" when Gene Wilder asks Marty Feldman how long he's had his hump and Feldman replies, "What hump?" Classic stuff and boy does it describe our leftist friends. The official Republican class of political anointed are the same but I suspect the Trump base is operating with a pretty good grasp of reality. To wit, that they've been abandoned. Along with common sense.

Thanks for your kind words. I've been at this since 2005 and infrequently wonder why. My readership is modest at best but at this point over 500,000 in this 15-year period so I can say I've attracted a fair number of eyeballs all told. Of late I've been off my feed a bit bloggingwise as I watch the end stages of the disintegration of our civilization. An odd preoccupation for someone in his 76th year who would, frankly, rather be learning about mathematics, photography, electronics, and whoreticulture. But so many posts just write themselves these days so, if nothing else, I feel useful in passing along some of the wit I so frequently encounter in my surfing.

Your own stuff is not too shabby, I hasten to add. Always a pleasure to read.

Col. B. Bunny said...

You're right, Andy. I think we're at the stage where any patriot just has to blurt out whatever is on his or her mind. Just say it and refine your thinking based on any reaction and further reading. Infowars is in that category of just getting it out there. Wasn't Alex the guy who snuck into one of the Bohemian Grove events to see what goes on there? I forget what he had to say but at the least you have to respect his insight and courage.

A site like Veterans Today is best approached with a 10-foot pole but, like The Nation or Counterpunch, even they can come up with some decent stuff. The "respectable" press delivers "vetted" pablum or sophistry, but who doesn't know that?