Monday, August 24, 2020

Opiate of the masses.

Biden’s handlers are telling him to campaign on [idiotic and tyrannical lock downs] because they are trying to hold together The State, the religion of the Left, as the final arbiter of truth and societal best practices while it fails right in front of our eyes.

And I believe this is why they are trying so hard to hold onto these narratives so tightly. No one wants to watch their belief system wither and die on the vine.

No one is comfortable with having their fundamental premises which form their worldview be revealed as inadequate to the task. But that is exactly what is happening to progressives and socialists of all stripes.[1]

A prime example of this panic is the willingness of the entire Democratic Party to fervently acclaim and support a candidate for president who's an ardent hair sniffer and who exhibits unmistakable signs of serious dementia. Unmistakable. Serious. Dementia. Nothing is too absurd to embrace as long as the leftist dream can live on.

An interesting corollary of Mr. Luongo's point is that the state has only one option -- it must DO something. Just letting nature, an unstoppable virus, a freely-chosen course of conduct, or an idea play out is just crazy. Your garden-variety drug counselor understands the concept of tough love for the addict committed to his drug but to the leftist political "thinker" constant control is the only option.

That works with driving a car but even where there are quadrillions of variables the leftist is sure that he can pick out the key ones to move us all down the road to social and economic bliss.

"Climate" is a simple matter. It involves just about every conceivable physical and chemical force on the planet but the left knows beyond all doubt that man's (minuscule) contribution of "carbon" to the atmosphere is THE CULPRIT. What else could cause climate but "carbon"?

Shorter work week, higher minimum wages, unions, abortion, mail order sexual identity, foo' stam', censorship, whitey's subjugation and demise, importation of Muslim hordes, tolerance, "good" discrimination, safe spaces, supercharged pronouns, an end to greed, squaring the circle on matters of race, free money, free college, free medical care, free food, and female parachute infantry all figure prominently on the leftist dream sheet.

But recall the recurring, unsuppressable image constantly crashing into the consciousness of the main character in the movie "The Pawnbroker." The image of bliss destroyed and forever denied was unbearable to the main character. So does the leftist now glimpse the unspeakable truths of reason, justice, order, and the realities of human nature. Some small number even dimly grasp the looming catastrophe of debt service, inflation, our national Ponzi scheme, crowding out, free trade, and malinvestment and know that something yet more innovative and powerful -- and dishonest -- must be devised. Hence, modern monetary theory (MMT) which is an elegant, Harvard-blessed exercise in harnessing economic cold fusion, namely, pursuing something for nothing.

In the political, cultural and social realm it's the same. The notion that foreign cultures are inferior to our own is too threatening and must be replaced with the comforting -- but asinine -- notion that all cultures are equal and must be welcomed without limitation.

So too are all races equal but that recurring flashes of true knowledge first drive the biens pensants to seek out "good schools" in the suburbs, as it just so happens, and then drive them to panic when the "inner city" comes to find them. What then?

Now the realities of what "the civil rights revolution" got us are stark, and nothing but, as we watch our cities burn, stores looted, and cultural icons pulled down and defiled. The hatred and moral debasement of major segments of our cherished minority -- and its leftist allies -- couldn't be clearer.

[1] "Luongo Exposes Dems' Strategy: Use COVID To Destroy Everything, Blame Trump." By Tom Luongo, ZeroHedge, 8/24/20 (emphasis removed).

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