Thursday, August 27, 2020

It’s On Record

     The Democrats are afraid to have their candidate debate President Trump:

     They’ll offer all sorts of explanations other than Biden’s obvious dementia, but the facts are as they are: they’re desperate to avert having Joe Biden face off against Donald Trump, no matter who might moderate the encounters.

     Could it be any clearer that the Dems intend to use Biden as a Trojan Horse, to smuggle their Leftist ideologues and theoreticians into power, that they might impose socialism upon these United States?

     Make it go viral, Gentle Reader.


Linda Fox said...

And, when you do pass it on, use #MakeJoeBDebate as the hashtag

Troy Smith said...

Didn't the last democratic nominee get stuffed into a van like "a side of beef"?

Linda Fox said...

I was just watching a video of AI-created representations. I've been saying that was what was presented at the Dem Convention.

Check out this video showing how it works.

Manu said...

Trojan horse... yes. It does seem that way.

HoundOfDoom said...

Fortunately, or not, depending on what their next move is, Biden's utility as a vessel for leftist insanity is unraveling. If you have pets, note their reaction when you come home from the grocery store with beef. Though it's bagged, they instantly know what's going on and act accordingly. So has America with Biden. The question now is - what's next?