Friday, August 21, 2020

One Great Song

     There are musicians who rise to greatness exactly once...perhaps for a few minutes only, and never again. Most know of some of them. The “one-hit wonders” so often discussed in amused tones are usually well known, as is their hit. But there are others whose moment of glory isn’t generally recognized, They remain permanently obscure. Even their one shining moment is known only to a lucky few.

     I think this will become a series, if galloping senility will graciously permit. For today’s offering in this vein, I present Luka Bloom’s “Dreams in America:”

     Please pardon me a moment of maudlin reminiscence. And to Mikal Trimm, wherever you may be: Thank you for this. I hope you’re well and happy.

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Squints said...

My own favorite of his is "Mary Watches Everything" from 1991. Same record as "The Acoustic Motorbike."