Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Fat Blob Posted This!

 MIchael - Freakin' - Moore!

Posted, on Twitter, a video that makes Biden look like an idiot shows the level of cognition that Biden has left - meaning, about as much as your breakfast cereal.

Yeah. It's that bad. See it for yourself. 

If you are good at downloading video on Twitter without a direct link to YouTube, do so - this may be 'disappeared' in the near future. If enough people see this, the election may be OVER.

The Left, in their sneaky way, may have engineered this - 'ginned up' in Obama's favorite phrase.

Who leaked this video? Pick one or more:

  • Disgruntled staffers, genuinely concerned about the possibility of this guy with access to the nuclear football
  • Harris supporters, a little too eager to knock off Biden, who jumped the gun early
  • Clinton supporters, because, just because
  • Obama's guys - perhaps he wanted to have the party bring him back, perhaps he just wanted Harris's slot given to one of HIS choices - Rice, Jarret, who knows?
  • My favorite (I just LOVE a good razzle-dazzle fake play!) - an undercover, Deep Fake, Trump supporter
Make your own guess in the comments.


tkdkerry said...

I hope no one thinks he is THE Michael Moore, film director. It's a different Moore.

squeeky's mom said...

Alex, I'll take F - all of the above.


I have it downloaded, if need be.

Linda Fox said...

I actually did wonder about that. Is he also quite fat?

Tar said...

I think it's a sixth option: Biden has ALWAYS been a Human Shield / Stalking Horse / Trojan Horse, intended to be dumped just before the election.

Dem leadership obviously KNOWS Biden has been in "the lights are on, but nobody's home" mode since March or earlier, and knowing that they're basically going to be creamed in November, they put Biden out front and center to soak up all the media attention and "hits" to his political brand, so their candidates in the wings can stay in cover until mid to late October. Thing is, for them to be able to "emerge from cover" and make the final charge, they'll need to dump Biden at the last minute, but that can't happen too rapidly or the people will smell the ruse.

So, they leak this video early, so their base has time to demand that Biden be mentally evaluated and replaced before the election if incompetent. Doing it now gives 'em about a month to work through that process, and a month of "last minute campaigning" for whoever gets the ticket. I think they're going to lose terribly, as they've learned no lessons since 2016 except for the wrong kind, and the skeptics and independents they have to win are turned off by their arrogant posturing and demands for conformity and obedience.

The main people they've been trying to hide all this from (especially the growing backlash of the silent majority against the Left that is showing through the cracks more and more every day) is the Democrat base. First up, they don't care what the base thinks as long as they vote as instructed. 2nd off, if the base thinks they're going to win, and the result is actually a landslide for Trump, they'll claim that it was a coup and sham election and that'll be the excuse for their bomb-chuckers in the streets to drag their guns out from under the bed (or the stashes that Obama gave to NOAA and other agencies that have no business with assault weapons).