Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hear The Machine Roar

     “What machine?” I hear you cry? Why, the media machine that’s bound and determined to foist a mentally defective president and a totalitarian-socialist vice-president on these United States!

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     It’s all too terribly clear, but then, the media did their damnedest to elect John Kerry and Walter Mondale, and to return Jimmy Carter to the White House after a disastrous first (and thankfully, only) term there. For them, any Democrat is better than any Republican, regardless of the office in question.

     The Democrats have put a great deal of effort into enlisting and retaining the major media as allies, starting in about 1912. That effort has paid them handsome electoral dividends, as Newsweek’s Evan Thomas would remind you. And a symbiosis between a corporate entity and a political party is not easily sundered, for reasons beyond the scope of this tirade.

     There are factors that make this even more interesting. First, we have Biden’s rapid, unconcealable descent into dementia, which even troubles the party that has nominated him. Should the Biden / Harris ticket actually prevail on November 3, it’s nearly certain that it won’t be Biden who runs the executive branch of the federal government. Will it be Harris? Possibly, but if not it will be a committee of Democrat gray eminences whose agenda Harris shares. (Don’t dismiss the possibility that Hillary Clinton will be among them.) Any public discussion of the situation will be forcibly suppressed.

     I consider the above beyond dispute. Else the Democrats’ kingmakers would not have imposed hard-left, openly totalitarian Kamala Harris on the hapless Biden. (It’s just as unlikely that Harris was Biden’s personal choice as it is that he’d have a non-cosmetic role in operating the federal government.) Their primary concern is winning back the presidency in time to preserve the power and prerogatives of the political Establishment. They selected Harris to preserve their hold on the Negro vote, as well as for her likely compliance with their wishes.

     So from now until November 3, the media will proclaim the magnificence of the Biden / Harris combo, downplay the thousand and one faults, failings, and fouls in the candidates' records, and denounce anyone who dissents even marginally from their gospel. Should President Trump be re-elected, which I consider the more likely outcome, they’ll go back to delegitimizing him at every opportunity, but then, you knew that already.


sykes.1 said...

There was absolutely no sign of dementia during Biden's announcement. He was totally lucid, coherent and spoke with authority. He looked and sounded Presidential.

It is entirely possible he could hold it together for a debate, if it were short enough, say 40 minutes to 1 hour.

So don't bank on the dementia stuff.



That's interesting.

My late mother would have times of lucidity. And times when she was in loopy-land (one time she said she could look out the window and see the theater her father built... in Haifa, Israel).

COULD it all be an act?

Bitter Apple said...

Absolutely no sign of dementia? How about needing a script containing the simple child-like exchange with Harris? They tried to hide it under his phone but it was clearly visible. I think not being able to trust the dottering old fool with a few minutes of meaningless banter is yet another undeniable sign of dementia.