Sunday, August 30, 2020

"Follow the Money!"

 To quote the so-called Deep Throat (Mark Felt, who was destabilizing government to soothe his butthurt that he hadn't been chosen for FBI Director).

But, it's a fair idea. The Revolution doesn't run on Unicorn Farts. You need money - LOTS of it to:

  • Transport the 'protesters' into the stages for riots. Not the people looting - they can be found in any city, for the price of the opportunity to get some stuff. But, the organizers, who coordinate the action through use of walkie-talkie type communications (can also be done peer-to-peer on cell phones, without involving the FCC-involved networks), provide the convenient gasoline for arson, sticks/baseball bats for attacking anyone walking by, bricks/rocks/skateboards to bash in innocent bystanders, lasers to blind the police, and cash money to entice locals to cooperate.
  • Bail out those arrested. Focus on the people who have been brought in for the action. The hell with the locals, who know little, and are disposable.
  • Pay off the local government to order the police to stand down. Those guys can be paid off cheaply.
  • Provide money for spokespeople. Those are "the face" of that sector of the movement. Pick someone with a shady background - their choices for other employment are slim, so they will be anxious to keep their masters happy. Bonus: if you pick one minority/alleged minority, with a whole lot of White People surrounding her/him, you both insulate that person against criticism, but also buffer her/him with acolytes who will say ANYTHING to keep their tenuous position as a 'revolutionary' leader.
Why is Soros doing this? Well, aside from enjoying seeing the system go down, there is also the fact that he is quite experienced in making a profit from the chaos.




I have a gut feeling that Soros was deeply scarred by his experience as a youth, and has dedicated his life to bringing down the entirety of the civilization that "did" this to him.

John Henry Eden said...

I wonder why the Israelis haven't kidnapped Soros and tried him for collaborating with the Nazis ?



I'm sure the Mossad would like to but they have more proximate fish to fry. The FSB seem like better candidates.


I don't recall where I saw it - closed the tab unthinkingly - but a trucker got a pic of a CONVOY of BLM/Antifa busses, painted, with armed guards, at a truck stop.

That's some serious f*cking coin there.


Found it!

Though there's some speculation in the comments it may be photoshop.

Regardless, these vermin are displaying a staggering amount of money available.