Monday, August 24, 2020

They're on Drugs! It's the Only Explanation Possible

 'Ya gotta read this - go on, I swear you will NOT believe it.

They are lunatics - certifiably crazy. Absolutely NO understanding of how Normal People think.

And, they are in charge of the state government.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


Bigus Macus said...

Good luck with that...
I think they've been down that road before and it was a dead end.

Paul Bonneau said...

The people who collect taxes have addresses...

HoundOfDoom said...

My (ex) fellow Californians.

You now have three very clear choices.

Live lives of slavery to the government in exchange for great weather.

Prepare to fight to regain your lost freedom.

Decamp for a more free state.

Good Luck.

squeeky's mom said...

This sound like a plan proposed in Congress 1976 or 1977 that if you sold your home for five years your were responsible for all major repairs. Water heater goes out you foot the bill, stove gives out you buy a new one for the new owners. Was in the Real Estate business at the time and it cause an outrage that reached the idiots who proposed this idiotic bill. The Realtor Assoc lobbied hard and won. But it looks like the kernel of the bill is being tried again. Who knows what Californian will vote for. They appear to have a special on stupid at the ballot box.