Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Yaroo! A black, drug-addicted felon has been taken from us.

In reality it’s massive [U.S.] war criminality, wars of aggression that killed, maimed and uprooted millions of people in other countries. Not that it caused as much of a stir domestically as the death of Floyd but there you have it, the order of priorities of the American people and their supposed leaders. During the Vietnam war a common chant was “Hey hey, LBJ, how many kids you kill today?”. This is true for the Clintons, Obama, Albright and all the rest of them yet somehow they still have their fans. They’re past their expiration dates yet are still kicking around since the Dem party is sclerotic with no new blood, no new ideas, just the same old parasites. Their presidential candidate is way past retirement age and has been obviously faltering in public. This is their champion, a lifelong mediocrity who is entering senility? US no longer has any wind in its sails.[1]
Anonymous here calling attention to a disparity in the reaction to overseas mass killing and one ambiguous death at home. 500+K Syrian civilian deaths and chicken**** U.S. sanctions imposed on that much aggrieved nation do not even register on the national political radar. Not that reason or proportionality have any bearing on anything in our national life, determined as "we" are to piss it all away.

Also, characterizing Biden as "a lifelong mediocrity who is entering senility" is a bullseye, not that any cupcake/gynohysteric/liberal/prog/commie will allow themselves to notice. A liberal friend recently emphatically observed that Trump is "dangerous" as though someone with Alzheimers with access to the nuclear "football" would not be. But such people see no further than their next pilates class.

[1] Comment by Anonymous on "Democratic Party Boosters Have Little to Offer. Few want to return to Obama or Clinton." By Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review, 8/1/20 (emphasis added).

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