Sunday, August 23, 2020

Give that man a cigar.

"Blame the reckless central bankers."

No, blame the politicians. Blaming the banks is like blaming welfare recipients for the national debt. If you're going to stand on a corner handing out free money then it's you're fault when you end up broke not those who took the money. The politicians who created the bank were obviously rotten to the core but that isn't what prevented every politician since from righting the wrong. Politicians love the unlimited deficit spending the central bank offers so it is the greed of politicians that keeps it going not the greed of the banks. That's not to say the banks are not greedy just that their greed is not what keeps the banks alive. Politicians could shut the bank down just like they could shut welfare down, illegal immigration down, corruption down, monopolies down, nation building down and a whole host of other things that are detrimental to the future of the nation for main street. The politicians simply won't because they are the greediest, most immoral and corrupt dirt bags of them all.[1]

The Chinese have a great expression: "Open the door and look at the mountain." Stuff about "our values," "our Constitution," "racism," "white privilege," "globalism," "multiculturalism," and "U.S. exceptionalism," among other things, is properly seen as pure garbage if we follow that advice. The American variant might be "What the hell are you talking about?" Do those who speak of "the Constitution" mean the document whose every comma and preposition are interpreted to augment the power of the central state?

Our politicians never stop with their garbage about the Russians undermining "our democracy" but turn a blind eye to (1) the wholesale evisceration of the electoral system by the importation of millions of illegals -- with their mysterious propensity to vote in our elections -- and (2) the obvious leftist contempt for electoral procedures as evidenced by the attack on the Trump presidency, fouling of the voter rolls, and fiddling with mail-in ballots and "early" voting. "Early" as in "frequent."

They countenance vote fraud, racial hatred directed at whites, impoverishment of the American people, ultra-left street thuggery, disastrous foreign military adventure, and lunatic deficit spending, debt, and psychopathic central bank excess but, brethern, those fisking Russians are doing us wrong.

Politicians intend the natural consequences of their acts. If I eat too much, I intend to get fat and have health problems. Whatever I say to the contrary is BS. Our present troubles were foreseeable and avoidable and the Romneys, Bushes, Ryans, McConnells, Boehners, McCains, Pelosis, Bloombergs, Ocasios, Clintons, and Newsoms drove the nation straight at the Great Dismal Swamp of strife, decay, bankruptcy, treason, depravity, and one giant "constitutional" joke. Because that is what with all their heart they wanted.

[1] Comment by dustinwind on "What Now?" By Tuomas Malinen, ZeroHedge, 8/21/20.


Unknown said...

Holy shit, Col., you read my mind all the time.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's a gift. :-)

Boehner was the beginning of the end for me. Newt and his Contract with America was creative and dared to outline an agenda for approval or rejection by the voters. With Boehner I waited after he was sworn in. After a week I thought any day now he'll unveil the kick ass Republican agenda. But it never came and drift and feebleness became the Grim Republican Reality of Our Time. Add in a helping of open borders, fiscal lunacy, and off-shoring and you can't conclude that the political class is consumed with a vicious hatred of normal people. They are committed to whatever is depraved. Sadly we return their lickspittles to Congress with a kind of religious fervor.