Sunday, August 2, 2020

When You Wonder Whether Some Babies are Just Better Off Not Being Born...

...This pops up in your feed. And, you remember why that idea is wrong.

The fact is, you can just never tell what a kid is going to be like as an adult - or how his life will impact others.

Say what you will about the voraciousness of Amazon, it has done more than any other company to make this transition to mostly online, shop remotely life we have been living in the past few months, a manageable situation, rather than panic in the streets.

Pretty good for the child of an unwed mother, and the stepson of a refugee.

The thing is, you just can't predict outcome from the socioeconomic factors. 

I found that to be true in my teaching career. I taught mostly in poor urban school systems, and my students were products of single motherhood, rough neighborhoods, and few examples of working adults.

And, yet, in every class, SOME of them pulled through. Some of them managed to work a steady job, raise a family, and live a good life; that's not a small accomplishment. Others sought out further education. Some joined the military (did you know that a person in the military is LESS likely to die at a young age than a kid who stays in the hood? Even if he is stationed in a combat zone.).

The Leftist idea that the way for people to get ahead in life is to kill off their children is flawed, not merely morally, but also practically.

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Francis W. Porretto said...

Sophocles is whirling in his grave -- which disturbs me not at all.