Monday, August 10, 2020

Gettysburg? Are they serious?

 It's always good to end the day with a chuckle, and today's is the leftist hot take on the possibility that Trump will give his speech at Gettysburg. Some idiot at CNN claims this option shows his love for the Confederacy. 

I grew up around people who liked to sport a sentimental attachment to the Confederacy, and I can tell you, they got hives if you merely mentioned Gettysburg. It was like visiting Winston Churchill and trying to chat about Gallipoli. It was like dropping by St. Helena to ask Napoleon how he felt after Waterloo. It was almost as bad a faux pas as mentioning the Battle of Mohacs to a Hungarian. 

But sure, CNN. Speaking from Gettysburg is a sure-fire draw to all those white supremacists who haven't given up fighting the last Civil War. Looting luxury stores is a peaceful demonstration of concern about police brutality. And lighting a candle only proves how much you love the darkness. Can you guess how many fingers I'm holding up? (Hint: one on each hand.)

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