Monday, August 17, 2020

The Saddest Thing I’ve Read In A Long Time

     When a highly intelligent, observant, and articulate man with a strong record for accurate analysis says something really gloomy, it’s wise to pay attention. He might be wrong, just as the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong...but that’s not the way to bet.

     Concerning the Durham investigation into the sources and methods of the Russian Collusion Hoax, from the great John Hinderaker of PowerLine:

     Traditionally, DOJ does not release a report or announce indictments within 60 days of an election, where such action might have political consequences. I think it virtually certain that Durham will respect that tradition, meaning that his report will issue by September 4 or else not until after the election.

     By which time, of course, it will be much too late. But then, it is probably too late already. The wholly unsupported and frankly insane Trump-Russia narrative, cooked up out of nothing on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign and propagated by the Democratic Party media, has taken hold. And we live in a world of narratives, not a world of truth, thanks in large part to our utterly corrupt press. The Russia collusion hoax was the biggest scandal in American history, but it will be left to a future generation to take its full measure.

     Hinderaker might be wrong...but that’s not where my money is going.


pc-not said...

Sadly, I agree with you. The way I see it, the Deep State cabal has compromising dirt or some other threat against the white hats or Durham has decided that to indict the slime balls would be too disruptive for the republic. In any case, it is very disappointing.


@pc-not I would not be surprised. You HAVE TO KNOW that the Left has spend years - DECADES - gathering kompromat on any potential enemy. Consider, as one example, the "access Hollywood" tape; someone recorded Trump in what was thought to be a private setting and then sat on that until it was politically useful. IIRC it was held for over a decade.

Think about that. Never mind the secret recording, which is bad enough. Holding onto that recording for a f*cking decade???? I can't keep track of most items for a year or two, let alone filing things away for that long.

The bigger picture is the point Francis (well, Hinderaker) made: the power of the enemedia to completely determine the narrative in the minds of the majority.

I see people citing the Mueller report - which definitively said "There was no collusion" - as evidence there was. Brennan, Clapper, and many others have come out under oath saying "We saw no evidence" but that doesn't matter.

The same with Covid; people screech about "Trump did nothing" but when you point out what he did, and how the Dems were encouraging people to go out and mingle a month OR TWO after Trump stopped flights from China, it doesn't matter. When you ask "OK, what should he have done?" it's "Listen to the experts". No, what, specifically, should he have done? Crickets.

Tracy Coyle said...

I stated last week that if we didn't hear by Sept 1, we never would.

We are two weeks away....frankly, this week or nothing....with nothing being my guess.

I'll be happily wrong, but like John, I don't think so.

Col. B. Bunny said...

In these amazing times, the ONE thing that we must adhere to is the DOJ "tradition" of not starting prosecutions shortly before elections.

A massive. multi-year effort to remove a duly elected president is no big deal but {{shiver}} don't even THINK ABOUT ignoring a sacred TRADITION of the Dept. of Justice.

George True said...

If I were Trump, I would ABSOLUTELY direct Barr to reveal everything NOW and let dozens of indictments fly starting NOW and continuing daily through the election. Within sixty days of the election? Too f__king bad. F__k tradition. Let the Demo-Commies howl. You mf-ers made your bed of nails, now you get to lie in it.

It should be all Russiagate all day, every day from now through November 3rd. And after Trump crushes the Dems in November, he ahould pile on even harder with even more exposure and indictments. Crush their entire evil and corrupt party for the in-your-face sedition they have engaged in for the last four years. THIS is how you win elections.

And of course, he won't do it.