Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Comedy Is Hard...

     “I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” – Will Rogers

     Commentary is easy, especially when comment is essentially unnecessary. Governments and those who “run” them, provide a lot of material for us to laugh at, though the laughs are usually quite hollow. In particular, politicians never, ever accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong because of their policies...but watch your step, private sector! The least little bobble and we’ll nationalize you in the “public interest!” Venezuelans could testify to the consequences.

     The syndrome is not confined to our South American neighbors. Have a case in point:

     After facing widespread criticism for being out of town campaigning for president during the previous weekend's blackout in Manhattan, de Blasio called a rare early-morning press conference to discuss his complaints over Con Ed's handling of the recent outages.

     De Blasio said he was “extremely disappointed” with Con Ed, echoing recent remarks by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and saying the city still didn’t have adequate answers about what caused a power outage in midtown Manhattan last week....

     “It’s very clear we have to question whether Con Ed as a structure now can do the job going forward or whether we need to do an entirely different approach,” de Blasio continued.

     De Blasio raised the possibility of a public takeover of the utility without fully committing to the idea, insisting that an independent investigation must take place first.

     This...person, whom Big Apple voters have given the mayoralty of The Once Greatest City In The World, has turned it into an impoverished hellhole in which violent crime has exploded and rioters own the streets. Now he seeks to take over a private company that has served the region faithfully and well for many decades – a company whose progenitor was founded by Thomas Edison himself. Who on Earth, given the record of nationalized and municipalized utilities here and elsewhere, would imagine that de Blasio and the cronies he’d put in charge of New York’s electric service would do a better job?

     We’ve known de Blasio is a Marxist ideologue since he first ran for mayor. His deeds since then have made it plain that he’s a Stalin wannabe, as well. When will New Yorkers regain their senses and eject him from office?

     Somehow I don’t think even Will Rogers could get any laughs with this.

     “Things in our country run in spite of government, not by aid of it.” -- Will Rogers

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