Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Dystopian Novels of the 60's Are Coming True

 "14 or Fight!" - a novel promoting the extension of the vote to young teens. Sloppily written, and, in the end, cautions about the lengths to which this could go, but...Yes, there are calls from Pelosi, among others, to extend the vote to 16-year olds.

Lord of the Flies - have you looked at the scenes from CHAD, CHOP, and other major cities?

And, a book that - at age 19, I did read, and found appealing. But, only until I moved away from my parent's house, and experienced what that life would be, should the hippies take over. After a relatively short time of cleaning up after people trashed the place, covering rent and utilities for the financially feckless, and missing sleep to listen to their stoned political blatherings, that got REAL stale.

That last book, about the wonderfulness of a totes cooperative and loving world, rendered so by the copious use of drugs, either consumed willing or by a "loving" friend who just KNOWS you would enjoy the experience, may be put into practice if this fool gets his way.

This is not going to strike the young as an invasion of personal autonomy; many of them were drugged without their permission, to render them compliant with school discipline. But, this extends a parental decision to government imposition.

Be warned!

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S Richard said...

Check out a 60's movie called "Wild in the Streets". It has the very theme you speak of. I was in 8th grade and I thought it was different.