Saturday, August 22, 2020

Charlotte, NC RNC - Local Reporting

 I won't actually be IN the Charlotte area this upcoming week - family business takes precedence.

However, I will be monitoring the news, talking to people, and generally keeping an eye on the situation.

For now, it seems that the 'festivities' have started early. The demonstrators are out, and engaging in their usual polite and congenial interactions with the po-po.

I kid, I kid - the demonstrators have already attacked police not too far from the Convention Center.

Now, I've had the advantage of attending multiple events at the Charlotte site; it's located right downtown, near the south side of the commercial/shopping area. It's a typical modern center - multiple glass doors on different sides of the building. It works, because the place is set up to funnel compliant convention-goers through one entrance, with guards to monitor the attendees, register them, several businesses catering to the crowd nearby (snacks, Starbucks). Once past the guards, registration tables are generally set up just past the shops, and, from there, you move either down very spacious hallways, or take escalators/elevators to meeting rooms.

Large ballrooms are on each floor, followed by hallways leading to multiple meeting rooms, which can be expanded or contracted by folding walls. There are a few places to eat inside; most people leave the premises to find nearby restaurants.

The area just south of the center is freeway, a few businesses (not generally catering to the casual shopper), and some vacant lots. The highway construction has made it kind of a wasteland for pedestrians.

So. The center is relatively defensible (other than those glass doors, which will likely be shattered early). The biggest problem will be if conventioneers want to leave during the day.

I'm going to keep this up for the next week, and add to it, as necessary. I'll put the new stuff at the top.

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