Thursday, August 20, 2020

Hunkering Down

 Like Francis, I'm not inclined to write very long blog posts just now - mostly shorter ones. Some of this is that I'm just about caught up on news for now.

Life is short, and my patience for stupidity is shorter. I am on hiatus from most social media (occasional posts, don't check for messages). I have few responsibilities right now, as I am sleeping on my brother's couch at present, as he has had health issues, and needed some assistance (and company, for a limited time). Many parts of my life have, therefore, been put on hold for now.

The DNC was largely predictable so far - I've very little doubt that Biden will deliver much of a "live" speech - it will be pre-recorded and HEAVILY edited to remove his fumbling thinking. 

The Left keeps creating "scandals" and acting "shocked" at Trump's actions, Tweets, and mis-construed sound bites. Every bit of news consists of: We (the Left) hate Trump, who is the Worst Evah, and EVERYTHING he does is wrong. And, Evil.

The details don't matter. The truth is unimportant. What matters is splattering mud on the wall, and hoping that enough of it sticks that is sways enough votes. What is enough? Sufficient to get within cheating distance of winning.

Really, it's like watching a woman whose husband has had all he can take of her Sh*t, who keeps calling the cops with specious accusations, browbeating her lawyer into filing desperate attempts to slow up or stop the process, and bad-mouthing her soon-to-be ex with anyone who she can force to listen to her b*tching. No act is too low, she is not bound by any moral restrictions, and - if it would cause him pain, she would slit her own throat without hesitation.

Of course, she would MUCH rather he die, but...

So, I'm checking in only once or twice a day on news. I've picked up a crocheting project. I'm spending time reading books I've had on the TBR list (To Be Read), and I'm enjoying life in the slow lane.

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