Saturday, August 29, 2020

Civil War 2: Where We Stand

     A few years ago, I wrote a set of foreboding pieces about what I deemed the opening salvoes of a race war:

     Those pieces were founded on a great fund of well-confirmed evidence. It seems to me that they’ve been buttressed by recent events. A sample follows:

     The ongoing riots and vandalism in several American cities are – laughably – being rationalized as “protests” against “police brutality toward blacks.” The majority of the participants in those riots are white. Moreover, their actions make it plain that they’re not protesting anything. They’re committing violence, looting, and wanton destruction for their own sake. “Police brutality toward blacks” is merely a cover fiction.

     The steady accumulation of evidence that black racial hostility toward whites is the real “racism problem” goes almost unaddressed in the media. It’s scarcely mentioned in major public fora. And of course, the Left, which needs “the racism problem” as an excuse for its campaign to disrupt American society, likes it that way.

     David L. Burkhead asks a question that’s surely on many minds:

Do they Want a Civil War?
A Blast from the Past

     He answers his own question:

     It’s looking very much like we’re in the early stages of that right now.

     Burkhead first posted the cited piece in 2018. I contend that what he called “mostly just talk” at the time was already well confirmed by events. Today the confirmations are innumerable. Indeed, Burkhead delineated its inception:

     In a post a few days ago, I described how I thought a future civil war would start. There would be no equivalent to “Lexington” or “Fort Sumter” but it would rather simply start as an increase of politically motivated violence without any distinct starting event. It would only be in retrospect that we’d look back and see that we are in a civil war and had been for some time.

     And “police brutality toward blacks” is the supposed rationale.

     Three years ago, our own Linda Fox wrote an insightful piece about the “traditional” white response to “protests.” The gut punch:

     PC has made authentic expression of thinking unacceptable. So, Whites generally keep their mouths shut in public.

     And, act in private - to remove themselves from the conflict.

     In many large cities, when the crime, urban decay, mismanagement of the city, and poor schools reached a certain level, White people left. Except for a few places (Southie, Boston), they didn't go to the streets in protest. They just left.

     And did not return.

     That’s a workable response only so long as there are places to which white families can flee. In the usual case, such communities defend themselves via:

  • Zoning laws that forbid or restrict multi-family dwellings;
  • High property prices, affordable only by middle-class earners;
  • High property taxes, similarly affordable only by middle-class earners.

     As my Gentle Readers are probably aware, one of the Obamunist initiatives, the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (AFFH) initiative, was intended to eliminate such white redoubts, by forcing them to loosen the zoning laws that exclude multi-family dwellings (i.e., “projects”). That would make it possible for developers to put apartment blocks and towers like unto the sort subsidized through Section 8 of the 1937 Housing Act and operated by the New York City Housing Authority into Westchester, southern Connecticut, and eastern Long Island. Districts in which such “projects” have been established have quickly turned majority-black and crime-ridden. The suburban, majority-white locales targeted by the Obama Administration resisted vigorously, for reasons too obvious to require extended analysis.

     In 2015, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson rescinded the AFFH initiative. That was met by an outcry from the Left, which saw AFFH as a way of compelling majority-white suburbs – the very places whites fled to, despite considerable inconvenience and expense – to “integrate.” An increase in racial tensions as black families infiltrated white suburbs was an intended consequence. The Left needs racial tensions as fodder for its public campaigns. Without them, it’s difficult for the Left’s propagandists to impose unearned guilt on whites who only want their homes and families to be safe.

     American Negroes have long been cudgels the Left has used to bludgeon the white majority. The Left’s many attempts to force “integration” on white neighborhoods, including many which formed exclusively from “white flight,” contrasted with its complete unconcern about black-on-black crime rates – dare to call attention to them and you’re a “racist” or a “white supremacist” – make it plain that improving the lot of the black American was not one of their objectives.

     Civil War 2 isn’t a race war, as I once thought and wrote. It’s a political war in which race is the battering ram the Left is wielding against the Right. The steadily rising violence in a number of Democrat-run cities is the entering wedge. If the Left succeeds in “exporting” the riots from its urban redoubts into the majority-white suburbs, war in its fullest dimensions will be upon us.

     Suburban whites will resist. We have plenty of firearms with which to do so. Yet the Left seems to believe that it can win such a contest. I’m inclined to think otherwise. As has been said by others, when blacks “act up,” neighborhoods burn, but when whites “act up,” continents burn. A conclusion such as this one would be mild compared to some of the alternatives.

     But the first salvoes have already been fired. As matters escalate, the prospects for a return to peace, however uneasy, will dwindle toward zero. If we want to avert a full-scale war with all it implies, the time to act is upon us.


Manu said...

Unfortunately, as I said over at my place, I think we've crossed the Rubicon. I no longer believe peace to be a likely option.

I think Civil War or a Kurt Schlichter-like scenario (as was explored in his Kelly Turnbull novels) is the most likely outcome.

Andy Texan said...

The left cannot be successfully turned back by the ballot box. Beating them today only postpones the reckoning day. They have become too strong. A left wing victory similar to 2008 will ignite all out warfare.