Friday, August 21, 2020

Who's Confused? Biden, or Trump?

 Well, I know who I think has fallen prey to mankind's unkindest medical condition, and it's NOT Trump.

But, what I find interesting is that for Biden's supporters, the defense seems to be:

  • There is nothing wrong with his thinking - and, after a virtual appearance at the DNC, his supporters are high-fiving his apparent coherence (although I, not a person who bets, would place a large sum - Okay, $5 - on the video having been spliced to remove the errors and incoherence, and the video manipulated to make it seem to be a seamless, one-take performance).
  • ALL old guys demonstrate that halting speech and off-topic rambling.
  • Trump does it, too, and WORSE (well, no, he doesn't).
  • Trump is only 3 years younger, so that PROVES that Joe is fine (that does not even approach logical thought).
They don't release a rather simple test (Trump said it was laughably simple). My Dad was in a hospital a few years ago, after a diabetic episode. He'd been a little confused when he arrived, so naturally, when the doctor returned, he was anxious to find out whether he'd come back to functioning mentally.

Unfortunately, what my dad said didn't reassure him.

My dad was just waking up when I arrived. He saw me and said, "Hey, I just got a new laptop with X RAM and Intel inside." We talked the tech specs, slung the lingo around for a while, so the doctor began asking him questions.

The problem was, some of the questions he asked puzzled my father.

What day is it?

Do you know where you are?

Both questions were answered appropriately. Then, the doctor threw him for a loop:

Am I a policeman?

My poor father, hearing that, didn't quite know what to say for a moment. He then answered, "I thought you said you were a doctor?"

The doctor began writing down, patient is still confused and making no sense. Well, I snuck a look at what he'd written, and took him aside to explain, that, despite his fears, the 'gibberish' he was babbling about was perfectly lucid talk about his computer hobby.

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Margaret Ball said...

Five bucks? Piker! I've got 50 bucks riding on the proposition that Biden will never share a debate stage with Trump. (If I lose, I'll be so happy that it won't even hurt to pay up!)