Friday, February 28, 2020

A look back at the Waco massacre.

Another excellent essay from on the Waco massacre when, basically, the Seventh Cavalry was called out to deal with an illegal neighborhood lemonade stand:
The siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, is an important event in American history because it directly led to one of the biggest terrorist attacks on American soil – the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. It’s not necessary to defend this act of terrorism to understand why the entire freedom movement of the time was so incensed by it. Indeed, it stood as a symbol of federal overreach and the corruption of the Clinton Administration.[1]
It was for "the children," of course. Though survival of said children didn't seem like much of a priority as it turned out. On the ground, as we like to say. In practice. In reality. Where the rubber met the road.

Much was made of the federal concern about the kind of weaponry in the hands of the demonic presences in "the compound." I recall a radio interview, I believe it was, wherein it was recounted that some ATF officers entered a gun store while the owner happened to be talking to Koresh. This was communicated to Koresh and the owner stated that Koresh's response was for the agents to come on out and see for themselves whether there were any problems with their weapons. The officers silently waved away this invitation with their hands. As with SWAT team actions that are excessive and pathetic, the government ignored multiple opportunities to arrest Koresh the Anti-Christ while in town.

Mr. Jacobs writes of the federal denial that any shots were fired by the federales. On that point, I remember a "60 Minutes" documentary, IIRC, back in an earlier century when the networks weren't complete whores, that featured an expert on infrared image interpretation and he showed footage that clearly showed muzzle flashes coming from government officers. His view was that the government had "hosed down" the back of the building. The expert, Carlos Ghigliotti, was later found dead in his office at age 42. I have not explored any information on the circumstances of his death. But "found dead" does have a certain statistical "something" nowadays. Just like Nigel Farage's plane had "engine trouble." A common occurrence.

All of this (Tarawa in Waco) while Janet Reno was Attorney General of the United States. She who was found passed out drunk on her desk when she was State's Attorney for Miami-Dade County, Florida. A mysterious appointment.

Today is the 27th annual anniversary of this blot on the nation when Koresh and his followers were federalized.

[1] "The Waco Siege: What Happened When the Feds Laid Siege to the Branch Davidian Compound." By Sam Jacobs,, 2/28/20 (links omitted).

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