Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Coronavirus Update - Feb. 5, 2020

Haven't posted more on this in a few days.

I added in the most recently reported numbers (keep in mind, this comes from a notoriously secretive society).

The rate of REPORTED cases is still increasing, although the trend in percentage of deaths (REPORTED) seems to be holding steady. So, not bad news, just not completely reassuring, given the past history of the Chinese government in releasing the truth to the public.

From what I can see, as long as the quarantine holds, this may not become a worldwide epidemic. We really do have to thank the Chinese government for their draconian imposition of containment in the most affected province. By doing so, they may have stopped the disease, other than sporadic (and easily manageable) outbreaks in other countries.

Wuhan, as the epicenter, may well experience epic deaths from this virus. However, it seems to be the only area experiencing the full effect of the fatalities.

No miracle cure or treatment, just standard sanitation, proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and - the age-old practice of quarantine.

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