Thursday, February 6, 2020

Some Correction to Those Misunderstanding Pelosi's Actions

It was a calculated insult. Many have written about its childish appearance - particularly following the grimacing, eye-rolling performance that preceded it.

But, there is a correction I want to make sure that men understand.

This is a uniquely Womanly form of disrespect. I know. I've seen women - even those that generally get along with men - do this all my life.

Step 1: Lose to a man. Fair? Unfair? Doesn't matter. You have outraged the Woman.

Step 2: This is the most important step - you wait until his back is turned.

Step 3: You engage in a series of disrespectful facial and body actions:

  • You roll your eyes.
  • You pretend-talk along with him, with downturned mouth, and head gestures indicating that what he is saying is crap.
  • If in the kitchen, you AGGRESSIVELY clean, with much banging and cupboard slamming, and exaggerated motions. For example, if you put down a dishtowel, you FLING in on the table, with a BIG follow-through. If he is watching the game, make sure that the dishwasher and/or laundry is turned on - the noisier, the better. It's a great time to clean all of those sports shoes, and dry them by machine.
  • If at work, you first look around, to make sure that other women have been observing this humiliation. You start low-key, with pretend this-doesn't-bother-me-in-the-least ignoring him. In order to make sure that he understands you are ignoring him, you may hum, talk (softly enough to pretend that you are not interrupting him), or pointedly NOT participate in the meeting - file your nails, clean your purse, obviously and with exaggerated motion mark up the agenda or handouts with furious cross-outs that may even tear the paper, crumple pages and toss them to the floor, shake your head, snort to show your contempt for the speaker. Whatever it takes to get across your point that YOU WON, NOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • BTW, do NOT ask a woman who is doing all of this what the problem is - she will reply, "Problem? I don't have a problem. Why would I have a problem? Nothing is bothering me. Absolutely nothing."
    • She is lying.
  • If that fails, discard the meeting handouts in an obvious display of contempt. The contempt is the most important part of this. You cannot just leave them behind. You have to make sure that your rebellion is noticed by the PERSON (man) that offended you.
Women understand this. It's the Power Move of Women (which, unfortunately, is misunderstood by most men). If a woman does any of the above - she is Royally Pi$$ed! I emphasize the word Royal, as the women who engage in the above regularly truly believe themselves to be Queen (in a world in which there are no Kings).

Best move for Trump? Let others point all of this out. Refrain from commenting on Twitter. By engaging in this display, she is also acknowledging that she lost.



HoundOfDoom said...

Agree. Response? Amused mastery, which GEOTUS has down cold.

Paul in Boston said...

There’s a good GOP ad in Nancy’s pettiness. Remember her saying on camera when Obamacare passed, “the Constitution? Are you kidding me?” Show that with the video of her ripping up the SOTU speech. It’s not that people don’t know what she and the rest of the dems are about, but it makes it quite graphic.

Brenda said...

So true. I am 63 and I still have to try very hard to answer the "What's wrong" question honestly. It's hard to do! I still want to pout and tantrum at my age! So ridiculous.