Monday, February 3, 2020

How Soon Before the Vile Left Begins to Celebrate?

In a shocking disclosure, Rush Limbaugh announced that he has late stage lung cancer.

It's not a total surprise - for years, he has kidded about his "formerly nicotine-stained fingers". But, as a former heavy smoker, he had to know this was a possibility.

The only surprise is how soon the Left will unleash their vile, gleeful celebration. You know they will. They may try to put on their 'solemn' Impeachment faces. But soon, very soon, the giggles will burst out, the smirks will escape, and - no surprise to any of us - they will begin cackling and making jokes.

If we were to make such statements about one of their heroes, they would go DEFCON 10 (yes, I know the scale only goes to 5, but...). We, not being complete tools, wouldn't say any such thing.

But, they won't refrain. They will go on a crusade (can I use that word?) to try to top the previous snarky gibe. It won't end until Limbaugh dies - if then.


Unknown said...

They started almost immediately after his announcement. What sad little people the leftists are. Sad, small, people with no moral core.


They already are. Gateway Pundit already has some vile examples.